XCELL KHYRON Precision Aluminum Wheels - Standard width

XCELL Performance


The XCELL™ 106mm series of wheels, including the Khyron, are made to fit any tire the MBS wheel fits, including tires from Evolve, Trampa, Kenda, Metroboard, and XBoard. From 6” to 8”, your tire selection is not restricted. 

Precision CNC Milled from 7075-T6 aluminum, these two-piece wheels are extremely strong and lightweight (around 220-230 grams for most models) . The stock MBS wheels made of glass-filled Nylon are around 156 grams. Custom simulation studies for stress, as well as real-world testing, modification, refinement, and improvement, have resulted in the ultimate wheels for premium eskate sleds.

In plastic, two-part wheels, the bearings are in different halves of the wheel, resulting in misaligned bearings, which causes wheel wobble and increased rolling resistance. Plastic, two-part wheels simply do not have the high accuracy to compete in high speed road courses.

XCELL™ wheels, as a core feature, contain both critical wheel bearings in a single piece of super strong aluminum, compressing an aluminum spacer.  This setup increases accuracy of the bearings with respect to not only the shaft, but to each other – resulting in longer, better rolls and truer spin.  You can feel the difference.


XCELL™ wheels are CNC milled from billet 7075-T6 Aluminum (far stronger than 6001), lathed, and then smoothed and anodized for an outstanding appearance. Choose an anodized color like blue, red, or black. 


To maximize performance, we use SKF bearings in the 6001 size


Custom-made grade 5 titanium screws are included in two lengths. Shorter screws for the free-spinning front wheels, and longer set for the driven wheels (ie, long enough to secure the gear  or pulley onto the wheel). Using titanium screws maximizes strength and minimizes weight at the edge of the rim, where any additional weight matters most. All screws enter from the back side, and anchor into the front half of the wheel. Changing all of the tires out just went from being a nightmare to a 10 minute operation.


A stock Lacroix pulley is fully compatible with Land-Surf™ XCELL™ wheels.

But we also have produced the most accurate, high-quality 72T pulley available for the Nazare and Lonestar. The main feature of this precision pulley is that it “keys” into the back of the XCELL™ wheel line, creating a more integrated interface between wheel and pulley.

In black, the pulley is also hard-anodized, which is a much tougher finish than the standard anodizing that comes on the stock pulley. The result is much less wear and tear from the belt, and a pulley than maintains it’s gear teeth longer without becoming “sharp toothed”. 


These center-lock inspired wheel nuts are awesome M12 nuts that come in 6 anodized colors. All with a lower profile than the stock nylock nuts for a sleek accent to any wheel. Available for Hypertrucks. Works with any wheel.


Enjoy riding with your XCELL™ wheels and feel their sharper handling and true spin.  It's a smile you'll get every time you ride. 


  • 4 Complete XCELL™ wheels in 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum
  • 20 Grade 5 titanium screws
  • 8 NSK Steel Bearings ( 6001 2ZZ ) 

Extra Options and Add ons:

XCELL™ wheels will fit anywhere MBS wheels do, and can fit Evolve and KalyNYC boards, among others.

Patent-pending design.

Customer Reviews

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TAE HYOUN PARK (Bupyeong-gu, KR)
Awsome beautiful wheel!

thanks for high quality Wheel!

Marco Fusaro

Hi guys!
I think that even though I paid about 100€ more for customs clearance and shipping reasons, the rims are a bomb, a feeling of stability that I didn't have before! Very good!