When will my order ship?

During the CV pandemic, it's much harder to get the supplies needed in a timely fashion, and hence fulfilling on ordered items takes longer than usual. This results in longer than average assembly and ship times. Please allow up to 3-4 days for your order to be filled during busy times. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Fangs 3.0 Bumper, Fangs 2.1™ & Fangs Mini™, and Fangs™ Pint bumper

What's the difference between Fangs 2.1™ and Fang™ Minis 2.0?

Fangs™ 2.1 feature a larger wheel (35mm diameter vs. 25mm for Minis) that is more capable over rough pavement. Fang™ Minis 2.0 are smaller and more discreet, with a compact design that is more easily hidden in the bumper recess of the Onewheel nose. They are for experienced riders who want to reduce friction of the nose on the pavement, or for doing endless Fang™ Drags, and are best suited to smoother pavement. If you're unsure of which to get, then regular size Fangs are a great place to start. 

Full size Fangs™ keep the nose of the board a bit higher off the pavement, and extend down from the front bumper more than Minis.  Fang™ Minis are compact and streamlined, and due to that, the nose of the Onewheel sits closer to the ground when they are rolling. Therefore, it's a bit easier to stay on when using full size Fangs™ 2.1, because the nose isn't at the steeper angle it is when using Minis.  Minis should be used by experienced riders for purposely dragging the nose (called Fang Drags), or when simply wanting less drag during times when the nose does a touch-and-go.

Do they really work?

In short, FANGS™ work for many situations. Every rider has their own skill level. Better riders with superior balance or lots of experience will be able to ride out more situations than new riders. Consider that the wheels simply reduce friction of the nose on the ground. If it touches down on the pavement (regardless of speed), you want the least amount of friction possible. Less friction equals slower deceleration. Slower deceleration means you have a better chance of regaining control. And a better chance of regaining control means you don't fall off as often in these situations. Fangs will give you a few precious seconds to realize what happened when the nose drops, and allow you to jump off or regain control. Like anything else, using Fangs is a learned skill. With practice you will be able to do tricks, ride on the nose for a short distance, and more.

The hard fact remains: wheels rolling on the pavement will always have less friction than a hard plastic bumper scraping along the same surface. The more weight that is applied to the nose on the ground while in motion, the more this truth becomes evident. Try doing FANGS™ drag starts with no bumper wheels and you will surely bail. 

And now, with over 6000 riders using FANGS™, there is no more debate on their effectiveness. They have been proven time and again to be the best nose wheels in the industry. Several competitors have also appeared, offering the same features at a much higher price. You don't need a giant, ugly bumper to get nose wheels that work better than any others. Grab some FANGS™, take a few minutes to install them, and ride with confidence.

Always wear your pads and a helmet. 

Why not use larger wheels?

Because the whole point of Fangs™ is to simply reduce the friction of the nose on the ground, not to create an entirely different vehicle with 3 wheels.  And smaller, discreet wheels do a great job at that.  Sure, we could put bicycle wheels out in front of the board, and never fall from a nosedive. But what fun would that be?  It looks ridiculous and defeats the idea of a "one-wheel".  Large wheels can get in the way during sharp turns, and also may reduce the hill angle you can climb. And don't forget the weight!  Some bumper wheel brackets weight up to 2lbs to your board, making it sit nose-down on the ground. That's A LOT of weight to add to an already heavy PEV. 

There isn't much point in going beyond a size that rolls well on most concrete surfaces.  That said, the new Fangs 3 bumper has wheels that are much wider than previous Fangs, allowing them to roll over bigger cracks in pavement easily.