NEW! PLATYPUS GT with PlatySense 4.0

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Introducing the legendary Platypus footpad set, now for GT!

The Platypus™ GT material is the same UHMW plastic of the Fangs GT bumper, and it's unbreakable, lightweight, and tough as nails. Combined, the two Platy GT footpads are nearly 10oz lighter than stock, and nearly half the weight of a single Kush Wide pad!  That's serious weight savings!

Please note that from the time you order it will be around 2 weeks before your pad is made (current estimate for mid-March).

The PlatySense is a single-zone sensor. This makes mounting more reliable (since both zones appear to the Onewheel to be activated) and slow speed cutouts are avoided. To dismount, simply lift your heel from the front edge, or jump off, or do a stomp or skid stomp. 

Often imitated, but never duplicated, the Platypus is the original wide pad, which spawned a rash of copies. But nothing compares to the original!

Footpad shaping is an art like surfboard shaping, and the preference for each rider is very personal…the Platypus footpads are comprised of soft curves and organic flowing shapes that give a more ergonomic feel under foot.  No sharp edges or corners are present.  Instead, the Platypus comprises a smooth surface that feels great even when riding barefoot.

The feel under-foot is immediately noticeable, and the very small arch support (middle hump) is almost invisible (maybe 2mm higher than the surrounding areas), but it can certainly be felt by your foot or hand.

The PlatySense™ works with any aftermarket rails too!  Anywhere the stock pad fits, the Platypus GT will also.

PlatySense™ kits are sold ONLY as a pair of footpads (front and rear). 

The color options match the stock bumpers from Future Motion as well as the Fangs™ GT and BASH bumpers sold here on this site!

For grip tape options, we have PlatyGrip (medium grit, size #30) and PlatyGrip+ (extreme grit, size #20).

Platypus™ with PlatySense™ units are hand-made once ordered and are available only in limited quantities. Once your order is in, you will be placed in the queue for production, which may take a week or more to fulfill. We can only make a certain amount per day, and will try to fill orders as fast as possible. 

The PlatySense™ system is non-returnable if there are any visible signs of wear, but free exchanges or repairs will be made for any verified defective units. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tristan Johnson (Bullhead City, US)
A dream for us big foot folk!

Why Future Motion didn't make the GT come stock with these foot pads I'll never know! That sweet concave (no sharp edge), extra real estate, and posi sensor makes for an amazing comfortable confident ride for any body with large feet. Once you feel the difference you'll never go back. Can't wait to pair it with those bash bumpers coming in! Keep it up Land Surf!

Brandon (Indianapolis, US)
Different kind of concave

The one thing about platysense pads that stand out amongst the other concave options is it's complexity. Instead of being just a bowl it's more like a gentle love hump in the Middle with raised edges. This gives a u-shaped concave which lends itself to lock you in in a few different ways and positions.

james janega (Chicago, US)
No more mount of shame.

I bought these to be able to ride in cold weather reliably, and they do just that. The bonus, is how big and comfortable they are to ride on. I can't believe I rode without them, the one sensor is so reliable and easy to use, no more putting pads to activate the sensor, no more worrying about the types of shoes I wear to ride and more importantly, no more mount of shame.

Eric Esch (Laurel, US)
Perfect for larger feet

The Platypus with Platysense 3.1 for GT is a big improvement over the stock concave GT footpads. The improved concave contour design offers more foot comfort and more space for your feet. Say goodbye to the hard edge found on the stock GT footpads. Your feet will thank you - especially larger feet. The posi sensor helps keep the board engaged and has proven to be reliable in cold weather. I’ve been riding with these daily for 2 weeks and not had any issues.

Rich Hamerla (Norman, US)
Platysense 3.1 for GT

I have a PS on my XR and it works flawlessly. Received a PS for my GT and it DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. I installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled it three times and it's totally dead. There's supposed to be a replacement on the way, but I haven't received a confirmation. I'm not going to give it any stars at this point since LS has been awesome with customer service, but it's kind of a bummer.

Brandon Gibbs (Santa Ana, US)

Perfect upgrade to the GT.