PLATYSENSE GT 4.0 Footpads - NEW!

Land-Surf, LLC.

IMPORTANT NOTE!  The Platysense V4 works with any version of GT firmware, pre or post haptic buzz! It also works on GT and GTS models.

The PlatySense™ - There's nothing else quite like it. Loved by riders all over the world for it's unique, organic shape and ergonomic feel, the Platy is available for XR and GT boards. It's the single best improvement you can make in ride quality. Ride farther with less foot fatigue, and get ultimate heal and toe control of your board!

The Platypus™ GT material is the same UHMW plastic of the Fangs GT bumper, and it's unbreakable, lightweight, and tough as nails. Combined, the two Platy GT footpads are nearly 10oz lighter than stock, and nearly half the weight of a single Kush Wide pad!  That's serious weight savings!

Please note that from the time you order it will be around 1 week before your pad is shipped. Each set is custom made once ordered.

The PlatySense is a single-zone sensor. This makes mounting more reliable (since both zones appear to the Onewheel to be activated) and slow speed cutouts are avoided. When you're riding, the pad is like stock. To dismount, simply lift your heel from the front edge, or jump off, or do a stop stomp or skid stomp. 

Often imitated, but never duplicated, the Platypus is the original wide pad, which spawned a rash of copies. Nothing compares to the original!

Footpad shaping is an art like surfboard shaping, and the preference for each rider is very personal…the Platypus footpads are comprised of soft curves and organic flowing shapes that give a more ergonomic feel under foot.  No sharp edges or corners are present.  Instead, the Platypus comprises a smooth surface that feels great even when riding barefoot.

The feel under-foot is immediately noticeable, and the very small arch support (middle hump) is almost invisible (maybe 2mm higher than the surrounding areas), but it can certainly be felt by your foot or hand.

The PlatySense™ works with all aftermarket rails too!  Anywhere the stock pad fits, the Platypus GT will also.

PlatySense™ kits are sold ONLY as a pair of footpads (front and rear). 

The color options match the stock bumpers from Future Motion as well as the Fangs™ GT and BASH bumpers sold here on this site.

For grip tape options, we have PlatyGrip (medium grit, size #30) and PlatyGrip+ (extreme grit, size #20).

Platypus™ with PlatySense™ units are hand-made once ordered and are available only in limited quantities. Once your order is in, you will be placed in the queue for production. We can only make a certain amount per day, and will try to fill orders as fast as possible. 

The PlatySense™ system is non-returnable because it is a made-on-demand custom item of your specific color choice and grip tape.  Free exchanges or repairs will be made for any verified defective units. 

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Customer Reviews

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Trax (Miami, US)
One of the best investments yet

Foot pads are you direct link to your board and if they are not right your float is not right. I am exceptionally happy with my platysense pads. I was able to work with them to get the grip I wanted as well. If hit trail after trail with these and the pads and the sensor have worked flawlessly. Im loving it. Highly recommended.


Best on the market

Danny B
Great Footpads Love them

It feels the same size as a kush wide with a little sharper edges for more control and the love hump in the middle which is great. My Kush Wide front is made with a stocked stock v4 and Floatprints alum backing plate w cable guide, 2 part epoxy glue. I did proride on the Kush wides with rear kick. The board weights 1 lb less with the platys with 2mm Hex foam. The new huge sensor is sick love my platysense Footpads Thanks again. The Kush wides pair better with less nimble tires where you need less control. The platys are great with all setups

kyleb (Warwick, US)

I ride almost all almost all street, 3000 on a XR, and 5500 on the GT. I had a flat front pad, and a Kush Wide on the back. I waffled on these for over a year before I finally just broke down and bought them. I definitely shouldn’t have waited. These pads and the SP2 have completely changed the GT for me- waaaay more ridable. I kinda look at it like if my XR was like riding a short board and my GT is like a longboard, these pads make it feel like that perfect mid-size board middle ground. I have way more control at speed and the carves feel locked in perfectly. Absolutely get tons of bang for the buck on this purchase, totally worth it.

Jose Alemar (Tampa, US)
Stability for Bigfoot

I got a pair for my GT-S and XR-VESC, both feel more stable. Wish I knew before I order the Falcon 2 so I would have order the wide ones.


Amazing products! 11/10