VRH (Variable Ride Height) system for Onewheel GT - NEW!

Land-Surf, LLC.

Introducing the easiest and quickest way to adjust the ride height on your Onewheel GT stock rails, the Variable Ride Height system by Land-Surf!

VRH have arrived in all colors and are shipping!

Here's an intro video on Youtube

And here's the installation video

With other axle carriers, you can choose one or two positions for a change in height - which isn't all that much adjustability. Plus, to change ride height, you need to spend time at home removing a bunch of screws and even the entire wheel.  

But In less than a minute using the VRH you can change your ride height to any one of 7 positions, with each position moving the board up or down by around 7mm.  The axle is never fully disconnected from the board, so changes are easy and fast.  The system drops the Onewheel Rails up to 1.25" down, and about .25" up from stock).

Riding to a trail via the streets?  Drop your ride height for the smooth pavement and then quickly raise it to stock or one step higher for the trails! Fast adjustment, and easy to dial in for your perfect ride, every time.

With the VRH system can you precisely dial in any ride height for the terrain while out on a ride, and changing to a new setting takes less than one minute and only 2 screws!  No other ride height adjustment product comes close to this!  With all the others, it’s a back-at-home-only procedure and definitely not while out on a ride.

The second hole from the top corresponds to stock ride height. From there you can go up slightly (the top hole), or progressively lower the board over 5 stops (the lower holes) for a full drop of about 1.25" from the stock height at the last setting!

Made from 7075 T6 aluminum for super strength, and then anodized, the VRH not only functions like no other axle carrier, but also looks good doing it!  Logos are laser etched, not silkscreened, so they can’t rub off. 

A set of 4 custom-made, stainless-steel high strength screws attach the VRH inner brackets directly to the frame, and installation takes only 10-15 minutes. For ease of use, ALL of the screws on the VRH system are M8 threaded and use the same size 5mm hex drive.

Meant to work with stock Onewheel GT rails, but may work on other rails that can use the stock axle carriers.

PLEASE READ:  IT appears that a small number of "Enduro" tires sold by TFL are not the correct size, and are too large and / or warped in some way, preventing correct fit. Please make sure your tire is to spec before ordering VRH!  Most people who have Enduro tires the VRH fits fine...if yours does not, then your tire is over the size it should be, and not compatible. All stock GT tires (treaded and slick), as well as other aftermarket tires, work and fit fine. Essentially, you need to make sure any aftermarket tire is not larger in diameter than stock.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  Fenders and fender deletes will need to be trimmed or Dremmeled (sanded) in order to clear the swingarm and adjuster bolts. We just cut the fender deletes at an angle on a miter saw (and we did a hack job there, yours could be better) and put them on. The Maghandle is incompatible with the VHR brackets.  Rim protectors by TFL fit but the rail must be removed to install the VRH.
Once installed, the VRH system is not returnable. 

VRH is fully compatible with our Stone Cold Chillers - and they work very well together!

Each order includes:

  • Left & Right VRH Rail Bracket and Swingarm
  • 4 custom stainless steel M8 mounting screws
  • 2 ride height adjuster M8 screws (grade 10.9 steel)
  • 6 M8 countersunk screws  (grade 10.9 steel)
  • 5mm L-key


Versions for XR and Pint are in the works!  Patent Pending.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ernie (Jacksonville, US)

The build quality and the ease of actually installing the parts is amazing! I would just give a disclaimer to let customers know there will need to be trimming done to the fender trim to make it work properly.

Daniel Henry (Seattle, US)
Improved stability & clearance

When I’m riding on the road, I drop it for improve stability, and if I’m going to take it trail riding, I raise it so I can pop over roots and rocks. Raising it doesn’t feel tippy, but dropping it improves stability! I have not tried the lowest settings, but I’m still on my first 200 miles with it!

Patrick Bryant (Maineville, US)
Vrh for GT

Totally changed the feel of the board. Quality parts, easy enough install. Adjustable on the fly, awesome product.

Roman G (East Los Angeles, US)

I wasn't sure what to expect when I got the VRH, but I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the parts are second to none and look really nice on my GT. The sweet spot for me are two spots down from stock. Also, the ease at which you can change settings are the game changer for this system. I only wish Land Surf would add a precut fender delete with this kit, otherwise no regrets.

Jeremy Pitts (Wesley Chapel, US)
Revive your board

This system is by far the best out there. I installed in 15 minutes and I was taking my time. They look sick, but the functionality is unmatched. So happy I got these!! Revive your board, improve your GT stability and get out and float!!

Michael Duke (Livonia, US)
Awesome - Buy Them

Install was super easy. Adjusting the height can be done in seconds. I ride streets before I get to the place I normally ride trails at so that is super handy. Surprisingly, favorite is the highest setting. It isn't as stable but it's fun. 1-3 notches below normal is fun on the streets but the roads in Michigan are to rough for me to be comfortable at the lowest setting. So much better that other products to lift/lower a OW.