"Stone Cold Chillers" Aluminum CNC Heat Sinks for Onewheel GT - NEW!

Land-Surf, LLC.

Chillers for batch 1 have arrived and are shipping!  Preorder now for the next batch!

Tired of your Onewheel GT overheating the motor and cutting power, right when you need it to keep working?

Our new 6061 Aluminum CNC'd "Stone Cold Chillers" heat sinks lower your motor temps by 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit, in our testing. By using a thermal paste on the axle, a lot of heat is pulled from the motor's core.

Why use a heat sink?   The hotter your motor gets, the less efficient it is and the more the GT will begin to limit the current to the motor. Steep hills, trails, and heavier riders cause the GT to use a lot of current, which raises the motor temperatures quickly. By keeping the motor cooler with these twin heat sinks, you can run higher power, longer.  And avoid thermal shutdown altogether.  If too-high temps continue, the magnets in the motor can start to lose their strength.

A single screw clamps the precision-fit Stone Cold Chiller to each side of the axle ( 2 Chillers per order ), for a tight fit that won't come loose on you!  It doesn't spin - it sits stationary on the axle while the wheel rotates around it.

Each Chiller weighs about 142 grams. This mass helps conduct the heat away from the axle, and then convection with the airflow releases the heat into the wind as you ride.

Installation is straightforward. Simply remove the hub motor from the GT frame, and slide a Stone Cold Chiller onto each side of the axle. Then tighten the single stainless steel screw to lock it in place. 

Meant to work with a stock Onewheel GT setup, but will work with any GT that has enough length on the axle.

Choose one of the anodized colors and keep your motor cool!

This is a pre-order product.  Price is for a pair of Chillers, one on each side of the axle.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The standard GT Maghandle cannot be used when the Chiller is installed, as there isn't enough clearance.

Customer Reviews

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Eddie Stokes (Spring, US)

Excellent fit and finish, definitely keeps the motor cooler by at least 15 degrees once fully warmed up. These are not only functional but lengance the look of the board. These are also excellent at keeping debris away from the bearings! Highly recommended!

Collin (Fairfield, US)
Did I just buy this because of the way it looks?

Yes, yes I did. I'm sure the heat dissipation for the the motor is awesome. First time I saw them I immediately understood the principle since all PC cooling basically uses the same "pass air over metal blades" functionality. I expect they are doing their job well. It's cold here already so I don't know that I really need them on. But I absolutely love the look.

Installation was simple, but you need all the tools for taking apart the GT.

Philthy_onewheel (Fremont, US)
Woah !!!

These things are dope .. look good and feel great !!!