GT Motor Cable Retainer Clip

Land-Surf, LLC.

It's a problem all too common with the Onewheel GT and GTS:  A too-short motor cable with a weak plastic retaining ring, which sooner or later will no longer secure the connector to the controller, resulting in a possible disconnect and crash while riding - yikes! That's gonna leave a mark!

While other solutions are bulky 3d printed pieces, this new clip retainer is stainless steel for max longevity and resistance to the elements - you won't have to worry about your motor connector coming undone at the wrong time. It's been out for a while now and riders are loving it! This simple, strong, and effective little clip is legit!

It only takes a few minutes to throw one of these on - and it will last forever. Take it from us, this is cheap insurance!

Fit Note: For this clip to function correctly, you must still have the locking ring on the cable, even if it doesn't secure at all (as you can see in the pics, this is where the retainer clip holds one end securely).

All VRH (Variable Ride Height) orders will include one of these retainer clips for free.


Customer Reviews

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Tristan (Mesa, US)
Simple and effective

The best retainer for your GT motor cable if your ring retainer is loose. Simple and minimal. It's all metal and not a 3d printed part like others

Albert Strickland (Johnson City, US)
Best Designed Motor Cable Harness

Clean and simple is always the best! Can't say enough great things about Land Surf customer service! This is THE place to support!


The idea is cool but buy the tech rail one. You can't water proof your board with this thing.

Edwin Barron (Richmond, US)
The way it should have come! from the factory!

This simple added security in keeping your electric motor plug fastened is how it should have been engineered.

This works perfect with the Variable Ride Hieght system and when installing it is a good time to upgrade - it’s added security for you💪🏻