FANGS GT for OneWheel - NEW!

Land-Surf, LLC.

Fully compatible with Onewheel GT and GTS models!

Take a bite out of unintentional nose dives and protect your body and board!

Ride the nose of your board on the dual wheels for a super fun "FANG Drag", and get practice at riding in the event of a nosedive. If you haven't nosedived yet on your Onewheel, you will at some point!  Be ready for it with FANGS, and save your skin!

With a new, larger 43x19mm wheel size, 100A hardness urethane wheels, and molded from super-tough UHMW plastic, Fangs GT is the 7th generation of bumper wheels and the ultimate solution to a low-friction nose that works on-road or off-road. 


Custom-made CNC goodies abound on the FANGS GT:

The stainless CNC axles are custom made for the FANGS GT, and each axle is secured by two CNC Aluminum axle carriers.  There are no external screws for the axle, resulting in a very clean, streamlined look that is unlike any other bumper.


  • UHMW PE plastic construction - super tough and unbreakable with a 5-6mm thick outer shell, it's built to take hits!
  • New 43x19mm wheels of 100A urethane
  • 4 Stainless Steel Torx Screws, and Torx T20 L-key
  • 2 Stainless Steel Custom M6 CNC Axles
  • Wheel axles insert from the inside of the bumper, so losing an axle is impossible
  • 4 CNC aluminum axle carriers
  • 2 Stainless Steel bearings per wheel
  • 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defects

The Fangs GT are so tough...if you somehow broke one, you'd get a free replacement under warranty. After taking a 5lb hammer to the bumper and trying to break it, we're sure that whatever you throw at it, Fangs GT can take the hits! 

NOTE:  FANGS GT is a front bumper only, but you can add a BASH rear bumper as an option that will match in color.

Patents pending.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Anonymous (Palmetto Bay, US)

Extremely easy to install. Thankfully I haven’t had my fangs save me from a wipe out. But they’ve definitely helped me through a few very slow twists & turns.

David Mosgrove (Salem, US)

Perfect fit!!


easy install and great product aiding in serious injury prevention

Jeff Wallace (The Dalles, US)
Fangs for GT

Super bomber product that fits like a glove. I love the fangs and have them on all my boards. Wouldn't ride without them.

Garry (Halifax, CA)
Already saved me from a nosedive fall in the first week

I nosedived yesterday very unexpectedly and the FANGS worked like a charm. Stayed on the board and rode it out. Already made them worth it to avoid the potential fall or even embarrassing dismount.

I ride mostly with my dog, both on leash and in a backpack, so I mostly bought them to make him as safe as possible. I feel a lot more confident with the FANGS!


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