NEW! FANGS GT for OneWheel

Land-Surf, LLC.

We're proud to present the next chapter in the Fangs line of bumper wheels, Fangs GT!

With a new, larger 43x19mm wheel size, 100A hardness urethane wheels, and molded from super tough UHMW plastic (the same material used on Bang Bumpers), Fangs GT is the 7th generation of bumper wheels and the ultimate solution to a low-friction nose that works on-road or off-road. 


Review byThe  Onewheel Family:

Fangs GT drag tests and more with Bart Miller:

Custom-designed CNC goodies abound on the FANGS GT:

The stainless CNC axles are custom made for the FANGS GT, and each axle is secured by two CNC Aluminum axle carriers.  There are no external screws for the axle, resulting in a very clean, streamlined look that is unlike any other bumper.


  • UHMW PE plastic construction - super tough and unbreakable with a 5-6mm thick outer shell, it's built to take hits
  • New 43x19mm wheels of 100A urethane
  • 4 Stainless Steel Torx Screws, and Torx T20 L-key
  • 2 Stainless Steel Custom M6 CNC Axles
  • Wheel axles insert from the inside of the bumper, so losing an axle is impossible
  • 4 CNC aluminum axle carriers
  • 2 Stainless Steel bearings per wheel
  • 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defects

The Fangs GT are so tough...if you somehow broke one, you'd get a free replacement under warranty. After taking a 5lb hammer to the bumper and trying to break it, we're sure that whatever you throw at it, Fangs GT can take the hits! 

FANGS GT is a front bumper only.  We're also working on an innovative rear bumper! 

Patents pending.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Stephanie González (Apopka, US)
peace of mind

Love the extra just Incase security

Bk (Sebastian, US)
They rock

Buy now

Collin (Fairfield, US)
GT Fangs - Not what you expect

I have Fangs on my Pint X. They are fine. I think they may help me a little bit in a nose dive. GT Fangs are absolutely nothing like my Pint fangs. They feel like they are part of the board. The larger skateboard tires glide like butter on all kinds of surfaces. The first time I felt them touch was trying to mount a steep wooden ramp. They guided my board forward up onto the ramp in a way that is hard to describe. But it felt like they should have always been there. Once I was on the ramp, the nose lifted and the fangs disengaged and I was able to go over it easily.

They are sturdy, and after having them for a month and treating them...poorly....they are still in great shape. I can't recommend this enough.

donnie keeton (Huntington, US)
Fangs for fun!

Lost half an inch clearance in front with Lightning Rails, so I slapped on some GT Fangs and now just roll right through any incidental nose touches. peace of mind and loads of fun!

Joseph Douglas (Charlotte, US)
GT fangs

100% satisfaction. The fit was perfect and cones with all the hardware that is needed.
Seems way tougher then the factory bumper and will save ur butt if the nose takes a dive.

Craig Copelin (Denver, US)
Vital addition

I have to say I was unconvinced until I bought them. I feel safer and I push harder knowing I have them. On climbs I have had them save me. They made curb Nudges more consistent, and I do enjoy the occasional nose drag. All I can say is they opened up what I feel comfortable doing in my GT.