NEW! FANGS GT for OneWheel

Land-Surf, LLC.

We're proud to present the next chapter in the Fangs line of bumper wheels, Fangs GT!

With a new, larger 43x19mm wheel size, 100A hardness urethane wheels, and molded from super tough UHMW plastic (the same material used on Bang Bumpers), Fangs GT is the 7th generation of bumper wheels and the ultimate solution to a low-friction nose that works on-road or off-road. 


Review byThe  Onewheel Family:

Fangs GT drag tests and more with Bart Miller:

Custom-designed CNC goodies abound on the FANGS GT:

The stainless CNC axles are custom made for the FANGS GT, and each axle is secured by two CNC Aluminum axle carriers.  There are no external screws for the axle, resulting in a very clean, streamlined look that is unlike any other bumper.


  • UHMW PE plastic construction - super tough and unbreakable with a 5-6mm thick outer shell, it's built to take hits!
  • New 43x19mm wheels of 100A urethane
  • 4 Stainless Steel Torx Screws, and Torx T20 L-key
  • 2 Stainless Steel Custom M6 CNC Axles
  • Wheel axles insert from the inside of the bumper, so losing an axle is impossible
  • 4 CNC aluminum axle carriers
  • 2 Stainless Steel bearings per wheel
  • 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defects

The Fangs GT are so tough...if you somehow broke one, you'd get a free replacement under warranty. After taking a 5lb hammer to the bumper and trying to break it, we're sure that whatever you throw at it, Fangs GT can take the hits! 


FANGS greatly reduce the amount of friction that the nose of your board generates with the ground when it touches.

It makes the board slow down more gradually, giving you time to jump off or lift the nose and recover. When a nosedive occurs, nearly all of your weight transfers to the front footpad, and you either scrape plastic, with the board stopping instantly (and your body continuing on), or you have Fangs and roll on ball bearings with a far easier to manage rate of deceleration. 

It doesn’t take a physics expert to understand that decelerating more slowly gives you more time to react than the board instantly stopping.

Even the least-friction plastic available (such as the UHMW plastic used on our BASH bumpers) generates several orders of magnitude more friction than the Fangs wheels. 

Take this simple physics example:
When you're standing on a moving platform such as a Onewheel, your body has a certain momentum that is determined by your mass and velocity. This momentum makes it difficult for your body to suddenly change its state of motion, such as stopping or slowing down. When the board suddenly decelerates from 20 mph to 5 mph over the course of just 1 second, as with a stock plastic front bumper in a nosedive, the change in momentum is very sudden and intense. Your body will tend to continue moving forward with the original momentum (ie, 20mph), and it will take a lot of effort and very quick reactions for your muscles and joints to counteract this sudden motion and keep you upright. It’s nearly impossible except for a few very talented riders worldwide.  Less than .25% of all riders fall in this category.

On the other hand, if the board decelerates from 20 mph to 10 mph over 3 or more seconds, as when using Fangs for example, the change in momentum is more gradual and easier to manage. Your body will have more time to adjust to the changing velocity, and your muscles and joints won't have to work as hard to keep you standing upright.

To summarize: sudden changes in velocity create more intense changes in momentum, which make it harder for your body to adjust and stay upright. Gradual changes in velocity give your body more time to adapt, and are therefore easier to manage. And that significantly less sudden deceleration is what Fangs provide.  It's not magic. Just physics.

NOTE:  FANGS GT is a front bumper only, but you can add a BASH rear bumper as an option that will match in color.

Patents pending.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Harold Brossette

Easy installation and great quality!

Turner (Savannah, US)
Life Savers!

The Fangs GT have saved my butt quite a few times! I've only been riding since December 2022 and the wheels have (so far) prevented 3 or 4 nose dives from becoming gnarly wipeouts. Instead of your nose stopping and your body learning to fly, the Fangs GT enables you to do a nose wheelie instead while you quickly readjust your balance or prepare for a bail. I will always plan to have Fangs on any One Wheel I ever ride!

Bruno Labrosse (Longueuil, CA)
Gt Fang

Love it

Coconut Q (Owings, US)
GT Fangs

A most have tool. Nose drags for days, plus u feel just a little safer knowing that you’re not going to fall on your face.

Chris Meyer (Honolulu, US)
Couldn’t ask for more

Awesome design especially compared to the older style fangs. Already saved my life once and have survived about 5 board slides flawlessly

Brandon Vana (Fort Lauderdale, US)
GT Fangs are legit

Only complaint as mentioned previously is the front handle does not line up so it creates an extra uncomfortable lip. Over all great addition