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BASH V2 Bumpers are tough replacement bumpers for your Onewheel GT, in stock matching colors! Their streamlined shapes have no hard edges to catch on the street or offroad terrain. They glide and fly over dirt, sand, rocks, or grass...whatever the terrain may be.  They are 20% thicker than stock bumpers and even come with a warranty (something Future Motion does not offer). BASH fit all aftermarket rails in addition to stock. 

What’s the difference between V1 and V2?

V1 BASH bumpers are lighter, nearly unbreakable, and slide on curbs or nudges a bit better than V2. If you are a casual to medium rider, and usually use a heel lift or jump dismount, these will work well for you. A BASH V1 set should last at least 2x as long as stock bumpers.

V2 BASH are a denser, harder material that lasts twice as long as V1’s for abrasion resistance, and are made for the more hardcore trails and street riders. If you’re bashin’ up your board on tough streets or trails, these are your ticket!  V2 also has redesigned front clips that are much stronger than V1. 

From the toughest trails to the roughest streets, BASH bumpers are far and away the best bumpers you can get for your GT. And the streamlined, curved design meshes perfectly with the curved rail ends - resulting in a streamlined board that "land-surfs" over the terrain.

Want to hide a GPS tracker such as an Apple AirTag to your board?  The front BASH bumper has plenty of room for any brand of tracker.  No need to dremel out a spot as with stock bumpers. Use hot glue or RTV silicone adhesive to stick it in place.

If you already own a FANGS GT bumper (which we highly recommend for street riding / Fang drags), then a rear BASH bumper is perfect for you and matches in color. If you mostly trail-ride, the front and back BASH bumper SET is what you're looking for.  

Compatible with all current 3rd-party rail systems for the GT.

The fit and finish is outstanding - and at the consistent level of high quality products you've seen from Land-Surf.  The design has flowing curves and a streamlined, teardrop shape that has the same or more clearance than the stock bumpers in the corners, while having a 20% thicker outer wall over stock.

There are no sharp edges or corners as with the stock bumper, and the entire design is optimized to plow through dirt, grass, or any other sort of terrain without presenting a sharp edge than can stop you or throw you off your GT. Smooth, contoured surfaces glide along the terrain, and every effort has been made to keep it as streamlined as possible, so that your GT can BASH into the terrain, and keep going.

Grab a set, or if you have Fangs GT on your board, you can grab the matching rear BASH bumper to complete your look.

Your board, and your body, will thank you.  

Guaranteed to not break on you, or you get a free replacement. It's that simple. (Note: normal wear and tear over time is not covered - but these are much tougher than stock). Minor trimming of rail guards required if using stock rail guards.

Patent pending design.  Copyright 2023-2024 Land-Surf, LLC.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Definitely built well and are very durable. Been beating on them for a few hundred miles and they still look new.


Smooth and sturdy. I really like the added tabs to hold the bumpers in place.

Edwin Barron (Arlington, US)
Snug as a glove….

The V2 are solid. I can feel the in the in comparison to the V1 and are perfect for my street riding. I just installed them on my WTF rails and they went on perfectly!

I highly recommend the Bash guards and the Fangs too!

L-S thank you for the great products 😎

Damon Johnson (Murrieta, US)
Great Bumpers for your GT

Really love how well integrated these bumpers are on the GT. The fit is amazing. This is my second set. Not because they wear easily.....quite the contrary. They wear very well. I just wanted to change the color scheme of my board! If you looking for long lasting wear and factory fit and finish these are the bumpers for you.

J. (Bowmanville, CA)
V1's are very weak

The clips on the front bumper both broke off within a few months and it cracked fairly easily clipping a root on the trail. No interest in buying v2.

Jerry (Jacksonville, US)

Very nice fit and feel