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BASH BUMPERS have arrived in ALL COLORS and are now Shipping!

NEW!  Introducing the best replacement bumpers you can buy for your Onewheel GT - BASH bumpers!

Molded from the same UHMW Plastic as the indestructible Fangs GT, the new BASH bumpers are so tough that they're impossible to break!  Abrasion resistance is similar to stock, but the primary goal initially was "no breaking" and excellent sliding / slipping on curbs and such. We are continuing to develop improved materials that are not only nearly impossible to break, but have great abrasion resistance also.

From the toughest trails to the roughest streets, BASH bumpers are far and away the best bumpers you can get for your GT. And the streamlined, curved design meshes perfectly with the curved rail ends - resulting in a streamlined board that land-surfs over the terrain.

Want to hide a GPS tracker such as an Apple AirTag to your board?  The front BASH bumper has plenty of room for any brand of tracker.  No need to dremel out a spot as with stock bumpers. Use hot glue or RTV silicone adhesive to stick it in place.

If you already own a FANGS GT bumper (which we highly recommend for street riding / Fang drags), then a rear BASH bumper is perfect for you and matches in color. If you mostly trail-ride, the front and back BASH bumper SET is what you're looking for.  Check out the Fangs GT page for a deal on pairing that with a rear BASH bumper (save $20).

Compatible with all current 3rd-party rail systems for the GT.

The fit and finish is outstanding - and at the consistent level of high quality products you've seen from Land-Surf.  The design has flowing curves and a streamlined, teardrop shape that has the same or more clearance than the stock bumpers in the corners, while having a 20% thicker outer wall over stock.

There are no sharp edges or corners as with the stock bumper, and the entire design is optimized to plow through dirt, grass, or any other sort of terrain without presenting a sharp edge than can stop you or throw you off your GT. Smooth, contoured surfaces glide along the terrain, and every effort has been made to keep it as streamlined as possible, so that your GT can BASH into the terrain, and keep going.

We've kept the price low so that you can enjoy these bumpers without breaking the bank. Grab a set, or if you have Fangs GT on your board, you can grab the matching rear BASH bumper to complete your look.

Your board, and your body, will thank you.  

Get yours before they sell out!

Guaranteed to not break on you, or you get a free replacement. It's that simple. (Note: normal wear and tear over time is not covered - but these are much tougher than stock). Minor trimming of rail guards required if using stock railguards.

Patent pending design.  Copyright 2022-2023 Land-Surf, LLC.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Trevor (San Antonio, US)
Good Fitment, poor durability

Design and Fitment are good, the front clips have popped out once, but durability is not. They are disintegrating and leaving little pieces of plastic on every nudge/drag. All of my other bumpers with 2-3x the mileage on them are in significantly better shape. Change materials and these will be good.

RUI VIANA (Cape Coral, US)
The best !!!!!

The best !!!

the best update for gt

Aaron Alexander (Phoenix, US)
Best GT Bumpers Around

Not only do they look great, and slide perfectly, but the handle is so much better than what comes with the stock! One of my favorite accessory purchases!

Brandon Meadows (Bowmanville, CA)

Awesome bumpers, strong, slick better clearance and way lighter than float plates added on to stock bumpers.

Brooks Hall (Jaco, CR)
So far so good!

I drop the tail and drag a a lot, mainly since I have my GT posi’d. But they have been holding up good! Much smoother than stock, and better clearance, which is nice because I lost some with the enduro tire. I was 1,600 miles in my stock bumpers and the back had holes on each side, battery box was scraping. Hoping this will make that never happen again!

Patrick (Massapequa Park, US)
like them so far but...

Holding up just fine and slide really well but right out of the box the front bumpers clips will unclip on any drop, even a curb. I just bash em back in, but wish it didn't have to be done. There is also some stress warping around the screws and I didn't crank em in or anything

Make sure when putting on the front BASH that you slide it on, and not force it down like the install for the back, so the clips don't get damaged.

You can also heat the front bumper in the oven at 230 degrees for 10-15 minutes, then remove, and put something between the clips to push them outwards a bit, and let it cool like that. Then reinstall and it should stay clipped. On the next run, the clips are 4x longer and more beefy. For now, do the simple heating / bending fix.