XCELL™ Anodized wheel nuts - Pack of 4

Land-Surf, LLC.

Let's face it, the giant nylock nut that comes as stock looks a little ridiculous.  Like a wart on the face of a beautiful wheel.  Change that and add a striking color accent to your wheels with the new XCELL™ anodized wheel nuts!

Made of the same high-strength 7075-T6 aluminum as the XCELL™ line of wheels, these wheel nuts hold your wheel securely to the shaft (and look great doing it)!

With a built in 1mm extension on the mating side, these nuts hold the bearing in by the inner race only, so you don't need a separate washer to get the right fit.

They are about ½ the weight of the stock nylock nuts.

Make sure to choose the right size of wheel nut for your board!

On first use, a small amount of blue loctite on the nut threads will keep the nuts in place, and yet they are easy to remove when you need to get the wheel off. Make sure to not get any on the bearing when installing.

XCELL™ Anodized nuts are sold in packs of 4.  If you need just one (for example, if you lost it somehow), please contact us via email.