XCELL™ 72T Precision Pulley - Single

XCELL Performance


Please note: Price is for 1 pulley.
We have produced the most accurate, high-quality 72T pulley available for the Nazare and Lonestar. The main feature of this precision pulley is that it “keys” into the back of the XCELL™ wheel line, creating a more integrated interface between wheel and pulley.

In black, the pulley is also hard-anodized, which is a much tougher finish than the standard anodizing that comes on the stock pulley. The result is less wear and tear from the belt, and a pulley than maintains it’s gear teeth longer without becoming “sharp toothed”. 

Adding an XCELL™ pulley to your drivetrain is the final step in making your board a prime example of accurate 
form and function.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Julian Huber (Nuremberg, DE)
Another Great Product by Matt

I can honestly say that i trust Land-Surf Products in General. From this Pulley to the x-cell rims over free available files for 3D Printing the Design and functionality are always top notch. Product quality is also perfect. Matt even throws often Stuff for free into the package. The Pulley fits perfect to my x-cell rims and works as expected.

Dennis L. (Jersey City, US)
72t pulley and 18t motor pulley

Great product. I recommend it to anyone especially if you already have a set of xcell wheels. It will compliment your Nazare or Lonestar and take the ride to another level as far as performance. A really smooth ride even at high speed.

kent (San Francisco, US)
Robust and precise

Fits with no wiggle on the rims, very round, and in contrast to stock pulleys have zero marring after over 200 miles.

Eric Bell (Wallingford, US)
Good Compliment to XCELL Wheels

These pulleys fit nicely into the XCELL wheels via their unique attachment points. They are a bit more robust than the OEM Lacroix pulleys, and I had to reduce the belt tension to make them fit. Long term use will be the true test though regarding durability of the teeth.

David Hicks (Arlington, US)
Like heaven!

Cannot say anough about the quality and craftsmanship on these beautiful wheels, let alone the solid ride I now have with my Lonestar.🤙🏻