XCELL™ 72T Precision Pulley

Land-Surf, LLC.


Please note: Price is for 1 pulley.
We have produced the most accurate, high-quality 72T pulley available for the Nazare and Lonestar. The main feature of this precision pulley is that it “keys” into the back of the XCELL™ wheel line, creating a more integrated interface between wheel and pulley.

In black, the pulley is also hard-anodized, which is a much tougher finish than the standard anodizing that comes on the stock pulley. The result is much less wear and tear from the belt, and a pulley than maintains it’s gear teeth longer without becoming “sharp toothed”. 

Adding an XCELL™ pulley to your drivetrain is the final step in making your board a prime example of accurate 
form and function.

NOTE:  Black is currently in stock, with red and blue arriving mid July.  Preorder now and you will receive them as soon as they arrive from the manufacturer.