XCELL Turbine V2 6565 Brushless Motor - NEW!

XCELL Performance

The XCELL Turbine motors are back, and the V2 have been redesigned from the ground up with industry leading features no other motor for e-skate can match! Clever design, combined with state-of-the-art simulation studies in Maxwell ANSYS software result in a motor unlike any other. No expense was spared in designing these motors, and the results speak for themselves!

Act now to lock in the intro price of $399.99 each  (regular price:  $449.99). Expires August 1st, 2023.

These Turbine V2 motors are far and away the highest quality, best-built motors you can buy anywhere in the world for e-skate applications. It's the sort of quality motor usually reserved only for high-end RC car, heli, and plane applications. And it's available in 190KV and 130KV versions, to cover a range of voltages from 12s up through 20s Li-ion.

Turbines are so named because when they spool up, they sound like a turbine jet engine...an addicting sound that will give you goosebumps when you hear it pushing your board to new levels of power!

A quad-bearing supported shaft means more time between maintenance intervals, and a more true-running shaft. It's now much easier to inspect, clean, or replace the bearings in your motor (the one part that does "wear out" eventually). The installed high-quality Japanese bearings are ultra-smooth and reliable. When it's time to change them out, you can do so easily!

Why is this important? Because with most motors, the bearings are the only thing that "wears" over time – so for max longevity and smoothness, it's imperative that bearing changes don't destroy the motor or your sanity.

Newly developed for the V2s, the new Cryocore™ cooling feature draws air in from the holes at the base and up through the stator core, where large radial cooling fins transfer heat away from the motor and out the end of the rotor. This feature continually pumps a large volume of cool air directly through the parts of the motor that generate heat. Every other outrunner motor of this size has a solid core, and therefore, generated heat can only be removed from outside of the stator core, in a much less efficient transfer. 

What this means is that you can run Turbine V2s at far higher power, for longer, because heat is the #1 enemy of an electric motor. Keeping the core cool is paramount to delivering large amounts of torque without overheating.


  • 8KW Continuous, 12KW peak for massive power
  • 65mm diameter x 65mm height stator
  • 22 poles for high torque
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum construction
  • Custom-designed 10mm high carbon, hardened stainless steel shaft. (8mm also available).
  • 180C rated N45-UH magnets and 180C copper stator wiring.
  • Magnets are held in place with high temp epoxy AND special machined rings for mechanical lock for ultimate reliability.
  • .2mm Japanese silicon steel stator laminations
  • 12 gauge, 14" high strand copper motor leads with 5.5mm bullets (female side of the bullets for you to solder to your VESC phase wires are included)
  • Up to 150 amps continuous power
  • Quad-bearing supported shaft, featuring high quality Japanese bearings for the ultimate smoothness. And easily changed out if you ever need to. Spare bearings are easy to find, and we also offer the correct size NSK replacements.
  • 190KV and 130KV available (12s-16s and 18s-20s battery configs)
  • Triple Hall sensors for quiet FOC operation - plug and play into Tronic, UBOX, Spintend, Unity®, and other VESC brands. NOTE: DO NOT use Stormcore 100 models for these motors. The Stormcore 100 series VESCs are not reliable and many are catching fire shortly after installation. AVOID THEM!

    The best VESCS are called Tronic 250Rs and perform incredibly with these motors.

  • Drop-in mounting replacements for Lacroix belt-driven boards like the Nazare and Lonestar (and SS models).
  • Choice of black, red, or blue wire sheathing
  • Two mounting hole diameter dimensions supported 

Dimensions:  77mm in diameter, and 75mm long (not counting the shaft).
Weight: 1040g.

M4, square mounting pattern in typical 63-series motor size.

All Turbine V2's are currently black.

Turbine™ V2 Series 6565 Motors are sold individually.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
shane Shockley (Fontana, US)
Excellent motors!

Beautiful motors that do not get hot. I ride 30MPH for 25 miles pulled over to check and these motors were nearly warm at all. Check the video and pictures compared to stock it’s a no brainer if you got the cash get them. The sound is like a jet engine they sound amazing.

Aaron Hendrickson (Marysville, US)
If you are thinking about them, just do it. You will not regret it.

I have the beta version of these motors on my OG LaCroix Lonestar and they made it feel like a different board. Super smooth and tons of power, they make a nutty whine when they are spooling up. If you are getting bored of what the stock 6396 motors can put out, give yourself a lil upgrade these are what you need.

Arturo (Sydney, AU)
Absolute Best Motor on the Market!

I have been using a beta version of this motor since September 2020 and it completely changed my riding experience. They are incredibly smooth yet intoxicatingly powerful... its the best of both worlds. They also have an addictive turbine sounds after you around 30km/h which is hard to describe... they definitely turn heads in a group ride!
I have used them with both Unity and Stormcore 100D without issues...