XCELL Radius Front Fenders for Lacroix Lonestar / Nazare

Land-Surf, LLC.

They're finally here! The XCELL™ Radius™ fender mounts to the FRONT axles and are here to keep rocks and pebbles from being thrown onto your deck, motors, belts, and rear wheels. They also shield most of the water spray, but we don't recommend riding your Lacroix when it's raining.

The arms are made of billet 6001 Aluminum and anodized red or black. The fender curve is made of polycarbonate for a rigid, tough fender that needs no additional hardware to mount.  All screws are included, and you can specify black oxide or stainless steel for the fender mount screws.

These fenders fit wheels from 6.5"-8" in size and feature an adjustable length arm to fine tune the fender's distance to the wheel. The entire assembly slides on the axle, allowing you to center the plastic curve with the tire. 

And they're simple to install.

Simply remove your wheel, and then slide on the Radius fender arm and tighten with a high strength M4 alloy steel screw. Put the wheel on and then fine tune the position and rotation of the Radius fender that works best for your tire size. Even on rough terrain, the arms stay put and don't rotate out of place…but make sure to tighten fully.

Please note: Radius™ fenders do not work on the Fo' Shorty axles (there is no extra axle to mount to).

Get your Radius™ fenders today!


Extra polycarbonate fender shields, beyond the pair included with the kit, are available separately. If you need something you don’t see on the site, drop us an email and we can get it sorted.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Isaac Rowntree (Sydney, AU)

I love the look and functionality of these primo-feel fenders. Thanks :D

Jamie Muir (Bristol, GB)
Radius front fenders

To start with Matts service is second to none ,and he obviously cares about his customers. The fender kit arrived swiftly to me here in the UK . It’s well packaged with everything you need . Quality is very good and fit is excellent. I went for the red anodised mounts to match in with my Nazare truck base plates and the colour is a very close match . I’ve yet to go on a decent ride with them but I’m sure they will help deflect small bit of debris from hitting the rear drive train . They look killer to 😎🤙

Patrick McEvoy (Melbourne, US)
Sleek Design

These fenders shield any potential debris and kicked up water spray from wet surfaces from the front. I really like the look making this Lacroix stand out a little more from the rest.

Andrew Hasting (Bakersfield, US)
That Fender Kit

Perfect fit, functional adjustability, extra hardware, and nice machining. They even threw in a set of anodized nuts and stickers for free. 10/10 would recommend!

Sergio Valdez (San Antonio, US)
Matt does it again!

Beautiful and functional, the design is intelligently crafted. 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

Danny Ozer (Long Beach, US)

Amazing quality and design. Very happy with the performance. Prevents rocks from getting lodged in my belts.