FANGS 3.0 - NEW! The ultimate front bumper wheels for XR and Plus

Land-Surf, LLC.

Take a bite out of unintentional nose dives and protect your body and board! Ride the nose of your board on the dual wheels for a super fun "FANG Drag", and get practice at riding in the event of a nosedive by training your muscle memory. If you haven't nosedived yet on your Onewheel, you will at some point!  Fortune favors the ready for it with FANGS, and save your skin!

With more than 5,000 Fangs™ 3.0 bumpers in use worldwide, Fangs™ 3.0 is the 6th generation of the original and most-loved bumper wheels for Onewheel® XR and Plus.  And we want you to come along! 

Note that Fangs 3.0 DO NOT fit the new GT.   GT Fangs are here.

Fangs 3.0 for XR's and Plus boards is now a complete front bumper replacement that fits exactly in the spot the stock bumper is. No headlight LED's are blocked, and the fit is perfect!  It's the only bumper with super low-friction, durable plastic and the widest flat wheels of anything else out there.  

Drag the nose of your board whenever you want, and even steer while doing so...the new, 20mm-wide wheels easily handle all sorts of rough pavement, and are far less likely to catch on anything when hitting a trail run. Even hard-packed dirt and trails can benefit. With wide, flat wheels, FANGS™ can roll even on short grass!

Please note that Fangs™ 3.0 is only a front bumper for XR and Plus.

Fangs™ 3.0 Feature Points:

  • Available in 8 vibrant colors that match stock XR® bumpers.
  • Fits on XR® and Plus® versions of full size Onewheels.
  • New 37x20mm durable urethane wheels in 5 colors.
  • Stainless steel bearings and aluminum spacers for rust-free, smooth rolls.
  • Overmolded CNC aluminum inserts anchor the wheels in place.
  • Ultra-Slick, low-friction plastic for slides or curb nudges (no need for plastic plates). 
  • Streamlined design presents no sharp edges that can catch on terrain. The shape is comprised of compound curves with smooth, flowing lines.
  • No headlights are blocked
  • Screw heads are deep-set into the plastic to protect them.

A 1/8" ball-hex L-key is included with every order.  Fangs 3.0 now uses one size hex drive size (1/8") for all of the screws and the stainless steel axle.

Fangs™ 3.0 is the best version of Fangs™ yet. Get yours today!

Need to grab a set in Europe?  Check here!

 All Fangs™ come with a 1-year warranty and a guarantee. If any issues arise during use, we'll replace it!   Just contact us if you ever have an issue.

FANGS™ are an experimental product, and no guarantees are offered in terms of saving a rider from all nosedives. However, they have been proven to work time and again by many riders. The only way to prevent nosedives is to not accelerate too hard for a given speed (and battery level)  – thus, no product can "prevent" a nosedive. Gradual speed increases will result in less nosedive events, as will riding at moderate speeds. By practicing deliberate nose dives with Fangs 3.0 (aka Fang Drags), you can train yourself using "muscle-memory" to realize when it's occurred (often it happens very fast), and react accordingly. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 252 reviews
Ricardo Bruno Bernardes (Bristol, GB)
Fangs 3.0

Gives me more confidence riding my onewheel, well built and discreet on the board. Totally recommend! 5 🌟

Kevin Church
Fangs work.

I'm fairly new to onewheels. Got these and they have helped me a few times on tight turns. The wheels roll instead of the board digging into the ground. Great product!

William Courter (Austin, US)
Un Happy with Customer Service. Love the Product

I admit I originally ordered the wrong item. Matt was quick to respond. I ordered and paid for Fangs for XR and shipped back the GTs at my expense (almost $25) but it was my mistake. I included the order sheet and wrote on it to just credit my card; I didn't need another order. I did this because we are traveling, and I knew we would be gone. Matt or someone didn’t follow instructions and shipped another set of xr fangs to the address we were at. I have reached out to Matt by email several times requesting a shipping label and have received 0 response. I am agitated and feel disrespected. Matt please get back to me! I don't have facebook account to post as your site instructs.

Great addition to onewheel

Bought this after taking a few bad spills over the front hoping it provides a little bit of forgiveness the next time my board decides to stop on me



Didier Morin (Marseille, FR)
Très bon produit, mais les frais de douane son salé.

Très bon produit, mais les frais de douane son salé.