XCELL 18T Pinions (2) - 10mm shaft - Carbon Stainless Steel

XCELL Performance

Introducing the XCELL™ line of stainless steel pinions! 

Made from a solid chunk of 440C steel and then hardened even further, these awesome pinions will last a long time and keep their teeth profile far better than aluminum and Titanium versions.  It's nearly 2x the hardness of the Titanium pinions:

Rockwell Hardness of Ti pinions:  36
Rockwell Scale Hardness of XCELL™ pinion:  59 (Lab confirmed)

• For 10mm shafts with circlips and keyway, (not for Prototipos!)
• Each pinion has an alloy steel set screw at 90 degrees from the keyway.

Price includes 2 pinions, 2 3x3x16mm keys, 4 circlips and two 4mm set screws.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
tony hanni (Redwood City, US)
These are amazing

I love these pinions. and the grub screws are a game changer, simple and needed. Great work Matt as always.

Eric Bell (Wallingford, US)
So quiet!!

These are basically silencers. My board went from being really loud with the Aluminum pinions to almost silent with these. So far I really like them.

Ian (Omaha, US)

Solid hunk of metal, whats not to like? Works perfectly.