** Preorder ** XCELL™ 18T Pinion - 10mm shaft - Carbon Stainless Steel

Land-Surf, LLC.

Introducing the XCELL™ line of stainless steel pinions! 

Made from a solid chunk of 440C steel and then post-machined hardened even further, these awesome pinions will last a long time and keep their teeth profile far better than aluminum and Titanium versions.  It's nearly 2x the hardness of the Titanium pinions:

Rockwell Hardness of Ti pinions:  36
Rockwell Scale Hardness of XCELL™ pinion:  60 

• For 10mm shafts with circlips and keyway, so not for Prototipos!
• Each pinion has a set screw at 90 degrees from the keyway.

Price includes 2 pinions, 4 circlips and two 4mm set screws.

More pinions with various teeth counts, as well as pinions for Protos / Jaws boards, are planned for the near future.

These pinions should arrive by mid-September or sooner.  Once they arrive they will be shipped out asap!