Platypus™ wide concave rear footpad for Onewheel+, XR

Land-Surf, LLC.

UPDATE:  Video review by OG Onewheel legend Chris Richardson!

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The Platypus - one of the oddest animals nature has ever conceived. A mammal that lays eggs, has a duck-billed snout, and webbed feet, it's a wacky genetic mixup that defies categorization.

We love this unique creature, and it’s the duck-billed snout that gave the inspiration for the name “Platypus™”.

There is no doubt that the Platypus™ wide concave footpad is as unique as the Australian mammal, for there hasn’t ever been a footpad like this before. A footpad that feels instantly comfortable, and can help reduce foot fatigue on long rides. A footpad that feels as good on road as off, and will last forever.

The Platypus is incredibly comfortable, looks fantastic, and will last forever. It will help you improve your ride and control of the board.

Most riders don’t know that simply adding concavity to a to a standard-width footpad has the effect of making it feel narrower. And for people with larger feet, that isn’t so desirable. 

By making the footpad ½” wider than the rails, and adding a progressive concavity that starts shallow near the wheel and grows wider towards the tail (here’s the Platypus duck-bill feature), the rider benefits greatly by having a very wide platform while maintaining a locked-in feeling from the gentle concavity. The feel of control is fantastic and the platform for your feet feels wide and stable. A very subtle middle “hump” gives the foot a bit of arch support and helps lock in the back foot when using FlightFins™.  In other words, its a very subtle "W" shaped concave platform for your feet!

The Platypus™ itself is made of polyurethane – unbreakable, shock and vibration absorbing, and tough as nails. But unlike some other "flappin' in the breeze" thin and weak cushy pads out there, this one has great strength and keeps it's shape.

Another innovation are the screw anchors at the very end of the footpad. Made from stainless steel, these are not mere “inserts” as all other pads use. These anchors are nearly 1” wide plates of stainless steel (and around 5-6mm thick) that will never rust and never pull out of the footpad (check out the underside pics below for details). No other footpad on the market can match it.

Each Platy™ also includes a set of 8 stainless steel, black oxide screws…a standard for all Land-Surf products that prevents rust and corrosion from mucking up your rail threads.

For grip tape options, we have Jessup® Roam® (a quality longboard griptape that doesn’t cut the skin), or the “ultimate in sharp grit” Vicious® grip tape. Each Platy™ comes with two laser-cut grip tapes – one for now, and one for down the road!

Made for full-size Onewheels®, but fits anything that isn't a Pint® (ie, McNugget or Growler are compatible), and compatible with nearly all fenders and FlightFins™.

Includes a free silicone XLR plug!

Platypus shredding illustration by Jason Davis.