NEW! PlatySense 3.1 footpad set for Onewheel XR and Plus

Land-Surf, LLC.

PlatySense V3.1 for XR / Plus is now available for order!

We've been hard at work perfecting the PlatySense, and this is the best version yet, with no electronics - it's just a simple, single-zone pressure sensitive pad – it's plug and play!  Unaffected by extreme temps hot or cold, it's a durable, reliable solution for the ultimate foot and ride feel of dual concave pads.

The Platypus™ is made of polyurethane – unbreakable, shock and vibration absorbing, impervious to the elements, and tough as nails!  The PlatySense sensor itself is sealed and waterproofed from the elements.

It's also now possible to replace your grip tape and reuse the underlying PlatySense sensor. You'll need a heat gun and some patience to remove the grip, but it can be done!

Also works perfectly with VESC based boards!

PlatySense™ kits are sold only as a pair of footpads (front and rear). If you already own a single Platy, email us for the option to buy a front PlatySense™ to match. NOTE: You must have purchased the rear Platy from an authorized dealer to get this special offer.

The colors are meant to match the stock bumpers from Future Motion as well as the Fangs™ 3.0 bumpers sold here on this site!

For grip tape options, we have PlatyGrip (medium grit size) and PlatyGrip+ (max grit size), which is similar in grit to Badger Grip, but with a better adhesive backing and a sealed top.

Platypus™ with PlatySense™ units are hand-made once ordered and are available only in limited quantities. Once your order is in, you will be placed in the queue for production, which may take a week or more to fulfill. We can only make a certain amount per day, and will try to fill orders as fast as possible.

The PlatySense™ system is non-returnable if there are any visible signs of wear, but free exchanges will be made for any verified defective units. Please make sure before you order that this is compatible with your board (XR or Plus only!)

Dismounting the PlatySense requires a heel lift from the front edge, or jumping off with both feet.  Skid stops and stomp stops are fine also!

Not recommended for riders doing big drops, because the Platypus is urethane and somewhat flexible. 

Includes a free silicone XLR plug (when in stock)!

The PlatySense™ system is patent-pending.  ©2022-2023 Land-Surf, LLC.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Tomazi (Oloron-Sainte-Marie, FR)

Super pads c'est comme rider avec des chaussons ,de la balle

AJ (New York, US)
Duel platys r 🔥

Put it this way, I’m waiting on my 3rd set of platys.
I have Wtf’s & switchblade rails
The slight oversize also protects ur rails. I’m a size men 8.5 shoe & I love the xtra room.
Buy them , u will not be Sry.
They gottem dialed , wrk awesome 🤙

Daniel Beal (Sanford, US)
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing

These dual footpads made it so I could ride my XR until it dies without discomfort immediately upon install. Absolutely fantastic. The loss of the dual sensor wasn't a huge deal, I just utilize the quick stop method now. I love these so much, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Platysense pads for my Pint X. I'm serious... completely changes your ride. Especially for those of us with size 12+ shoes. A+++, could not recommend enough.

Christopher Broughton (Carpinteria, US)
Why can’t I give it 10 STARS!

I ordered my fangs and my rear Platy the day I ordered my XR. As soon as your fender was available after it had been sold out I got one and now with my Platysense my board is complete. This is how it should come from the factory. I wish all your amazing products were all available from the beginning because my board is now how it should be. I always felt my front foot was not locked in but now feel as locked as my rear foot. The curved extended lip is perfect. You all deserve a 10 Star review for delivering the best products for my XR. Thank you. Anyone on the edge don’t hesitate and enhance your float. PS. Red Platys are the sweetest color too!

Mark Griffith (North Hollywood, US)
Best footpads

The platypus with the platysense foot pad are by far the best and most comfortable out there. Had to take the hi nug off, it it that good. Great product thanks landsurf

James Williams (Sandy, US)
size 13 ft...

fantastic addition.