NEW! Platypus with PlatySense wide concave footpad for Onewheel XR and Plus

Land-Surf, LLC.

SHIPPING is ongoing for the preorders, and no new orders will be accepted until the pre-orders are all filled. Orders fill in the order received, and will take a few weeks to make and ship them all.

No international shipping. US Customers only. Int'l orders will open later on.

Try the newly released, amazing Platypus™ with PlatySense™ wide concave footpad, now on both ends of your Onewheel!  After 18 months of experiments, prototypes, and innovations, we're proud to release this revolutionary system.

Please note this product is for experienced riders only and is an experimental system!  If you have less than 750 miles on your board, this is not recommended.  It's meant for off-road and trail use only.  You accept all responsibility in operation. Don't ride in big crowds of people on foot. Be safe!

The Platypus™ with PlatySense™ is available in two versions:

  • 1)A s a front/rear matching set (open to anyone)
  • 2) As a front pad with sensor ONLY FOR PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS who have purchased a rear Platypus™ from Land-Surf or another authorized dealer, as part of our Land-Surf customer loyalty program. Proof of purchase required. General orders will open after a while.

The Platypus™ gives you more control of your board – for a better ride over rough terrain or out on the trail. The extra width provides leverage both toe and heel side that results in better handling and gives the rider a much larger surface to stand on. The difference is huge and immediately noticeable!

By giving you a more direct feeling connection to the board, you will be able to feel the limits of speed with greater precision than ever before. Test riders report being able to feel the limits of the board, allowing them to push harder than before.

The most common feedback is that the majority of riders are instantly more comfortable after installation. Once you've tried the Platypus™, it's hard to go back to anything else!

The Platypus™ is made of polyurethane – unbreakable, shock and vibration absorbing, impervious to the elements, and tough as nails!

The colors are meant to match the stock bumpers from Future Motion as well as the Fangs™ 3.0 bumpers sold here on this site!

For grip tape options, we have Jessup® Roam® (a grippy longboard tape that doesn’t cut your skin), or the amazing super-grit Badger™ Grip!

Platypus™ with PlatySense™ units are hand-made once ordered and are available only in limited quantities. Once your order is in, you will be placed in the queue for production, which may take a week or more to fulfill. We can only make a certain amount per day, and will try to fill orders as fast as possible.

PlatySense™ is currently only available to U.S. Customers. International orders will be supported in the coming months. Single orders for a front PlatySense, for users who do not already own a rear Platy, will also be supported in time.

The PlatySense™ system is non-returnable if there are any visible signs of wear, but exchanges will be made for any verified defective units. Please make sure before you order that this is compatible with your board. 

Dismounting the PlatySense requires a heel lift from the front edge, or jumping off with both feet.  Skid stops are not supported unless in grass or dirt, and are not good for the board’s electronics.

Not recommended for riders doing big drops.  The Platypus is urethane and flexible.  Later versions of a harder plastic will be available for big drop riders.

Includes a free silicone XLR plug (when in stock)!

The PlatySense™ systems is patent-pending.  ©2022 Land-Surf, LLC.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
JK (El Granada, US)
Same comfortable Platypus that you love but with a sensor that just works

Ever since I got a Platypus rear pad I'd wanted the same thing for the front. Thankfully I got in on the first run of orders and it was worth the wait. Same high quality pad but now with a sensor that registers my foot every single time I step on it. Only downside really is that the heel lift no longer works, but quickstop still does the trick for me. Anyway, really happy with it, and love not only the functionality and comfort, but also the look of Platypus pads on both ends!

Glenn Burgmeier (Milton, US)
Platysense is a game changer!

Locked in like never before! From an avid snowboarder, this is a close a feeling as you can get. Absolutely no heel or toe lift even on sharp turns and control like never before on trails. Never going back to non-concave pads!

Anthony T. YYC @patran_not_patron (Calgary, CA)
Never going back to stock FM sensors again

Instructions, communication and parts are 100% quality. Super easy step by step instructions, easy install (if you have an after market connector cover it may not fit the extra space needed for the sensor bridge). Rides great and feels great to finally have the same footpads on front and rear.

Brian (Greeneville, US)

Absolutely the best feeling footpads available. The amount of control is unreal. My life feels more complete with the Platysense in it.

Alex Ignasiak (Muskego, US)

The only thing I need now is for these to be available for the GT. Best footpads ever.

Game Changer!!

I was not expecting a wide front concave pad to benefit me so much. Coming from a Kush Wide rear and Flight Deck front overlay, I figured this would be just about the same albeit a bit more comfortable. My friends, it is so much more. Aside from the obvious benefit to riding switch, my regular ride is super carvy due to the increased leverage I get with my front foot. I feel locked in without wtf rails, it's really a great feeling. This is what we've all been waiting for.