PLATYSENSE 4.0 XR footpad set - NEW!

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The Platysense - There's nothing quite like it. Loved by riders all over the world for it's unique shape and ergonomic feel, the Platy is available for XR and GT boards. It's the best improvement you can make in ride quality. Ride much farther with less foot fatigue, and get ultimate heal and toe control of your board!

Please note that from the time you order it may be up to 1 week before your pad is shipped

The Platypus™ is made of tough urethane – unbreakable, shock and vibration absorbing, impervious to the elements, and is tough as nails! (Also works perfectly with VESC based boards).

The Platysense is a single-zone sensor. This makes mounting more reliable (since both zones appear to the Onewheel to be activated) and slow speed cutouts are avoided. To dismount, simply lift your heel from the front edge, or jump off, or do a stomp stop, or skid stop. 

NEW FEATURE ALERT! PlatySense™ orders can now be configured with an optional 1/2 second delay until motor cut. It's a simple, reliable solution that uses solid state electronics (no microprocessor that can lock up or fail) to give a very slight delay before the board is deactivated - this helps out immensely in everyday riding as well as trails (curb drops, bonks, rough terrain - these are all places where the delay feature shines!)  It's similar to the delay feature on a Surestart Pro, but better in our view -  because it's 100% reliable. This PlatySense-exclusive delay feature is available at no extra charge.

More experienced riders may remember that the original Platysense™ released last year had a timed delay to motor cutoff, but that was done using a microprocessor, like the SureStart does now.)

PlatySense™ kits are sold only as a pair of footpads (front and rear). If you already own a single Platy, email us for the option to buy a front PlatySense™ to match. 

The colors are meant to match the stock bumpers from Future Motion as well as the Fangs™ 3.0 bumpers sold here on this site!

For grip tape options, we have PlatyGrip (medium grit size, aka “30-grit”) and PlatyGrip+ (max grit size, aka “20-grit” ).

Platypus™ with PlatySense™ units are hand-made once ordered and are available only in limited quantities. Once your order is in, you will be placed in the queue for production, which is currently around 1 week. We can only make a certain amount per day, and will try to fill orders as fast as possible.

The PlatySense™ system is non-returnable due to each order essentially being a custom build with your color and grip tape choice - Platys are made to order. Please make sure before you order that this is compatible with your board (XR or Plus only!)

Dismounting the PlatySense requires a heel lift from the front edge, or jumping off with both feet.  Skid stops and stomp stops are fine also!

For riders doing really big drops, or you weigh more than 220 lbs, use a metal plate underneath, because the Platypus XR is urethane and somewhat flexible. 

You can grab a metal plate for the xr here:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Kevin Church
Huge upgrade over stock

These pads give a little more area and definitely more grip. I’m still getting used to the one zone front pad. I think I the long run I’ll grow to love them more.


Best pads by far !

Joseph Morrissey (Sheboygan, US)
Best foot pads I've ever purchased

The amount of comfort along with how well my feet stay gripped to the foot pads is amazing. I have a size 13 foot and these footpads are amazing for larger feet.


I am satisfied with the quality.

Pete Boldt (St. Thomas, CA)
Platysense 4.0 xr

So far the quality of the foot pads are flawless feels amazing grip is awesome

Chris (Altoona, US)
Bought another set for my second XR

I liked these footpads so much that I purchased another set for my other XR. The Concave keeps your foot locked in place while the urethane material provides a nice cushion for longer rides.

The sensor is bulletproof and consistent. Even little kids have no trouble getting the sensor to activate reliably.

This should be the first modification to any onewheel! A better tire also goes nicely with these footpads to make for an absolutely wicked fun board setup. I will be getting another set soon for my first VESC build!