Pint Fender Thumbscrews - Grade 5 Titanium

Land-Surf, LLC.

These awesome TITANIUM thumbscrews allow you to take off your Pint's fender or fender delete without tools!  

And they come in black, gold, or natural Titanium color.  They'll never rust or corrode on you like steel can, yet they are just as strong. 

Get 4 for $20, or 5 for $25 (keep an extra as a spare in case you lose one!).

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John (River Edge, US)
One and Only… what about the GT?

Awesome screws and probably the only ones that are conical for the countersunk depression on the fenders.

Now you NEED to make these available for the GT so I can swap between convertible and full fenders.

Travis A (Holden, US)
4 Thumbs up

These screws look sleek, and they come in clutch for someone who constantly swaps between a fender and delete.

DSCRACING1320 (Atlanta, US)
Titanium FTW

I'm a JDM car freak and love me some burnt sexy Titanium. So why not add some to my Onewheel. Work perfectly and highly recommend

David P
Work great

I bought these to switch between my fender and delete and they work perfectly.