NEW! FANGS 3.0: The ultimate front bumper wheels for XR and Plus

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Roll, Slide, & Ride.
FANGS™ 3.0 does it all!

Fangs™ 3.0 Bumper Wheels For XR and PLUS

With more than 5,000 Fangs™ 3.0 bumpers in use worldwide, Fangs™ 3.0 is the 6th generation of the original and most-loved bumper wheels for Onewheel®.  And we want you to come along! 

CURRENT PROMO:  All orders now include an additional free set of wheels (may be a different, fresh color from your original order)!

Note that Fangs 3.0 do not fit the new GT.   GT Fangs are in production and we nearly have the prototypes from the mold. Current estimate for release is mid Sept.  

For this milestone release, we went back to the drawing board and created a fresh new design that incorporates all of the feedback and lessons learned from previous Fangs™ versions. Instead of separate mounts, Fangs 3.0 for XR's and Plus boards is now a complete front bumper replacement that fits exactly in the spot the stock bumper is. No headlight LED's are blocked, and the fit is perfect!  The wider wheels are set further apart than previous Fangs, allowing for more stability. And the screws are deep-set into the plastic to avoid grinding the heads down.

It's the only bumper with super low-friction, durable plastic and the widest flat wheels of anything else out there.  It's made for Onewheel® XR®'s and Plus® models, and we can't wait to see what you can do with it!

Drag the nose of your board whenever you want, and even steer while doing so...the new, 20mm-wide wheels easily handle all sorts of rough pavement, and are far less likely to catch on anything when hitting a trail run. Even hard-packed dirt and trails can benefit. With wide, flat wheels, FANGS™ can roll even on short grass!

The flowing lines, beveled edges, and curved faces mean that Fangs 3.0 slide over dirt and grass efficiently, without presenting sharp edges in the geometry terrain can hit and quickly stop the board. Rounded convex surfaces provide a better sliding surface in nearly every terrain situation.

The bumper's ultra-slick, tough plastic is impervious to water and most chemicals, and is blended with UV stabilizers keep the colors vibrant longer. Normal plastics can fade in the sunlight after some exposure, but Fangs™ 3.0 will keep looking better, longer!

In designing the new Fangs™ 3.0, one goal was that changing out the wheels had to be an easy, fast process with a very low part count.  And we succeeded by simplifying the entire assembly. There are no washers or square nuts to lose, and installation couldn't be easier! Changing out a wheel takes less than 15 seconds and only requires one strong stainless steel screw (the axle) to be removed.

We could go on forever about the 100's of features and enhancements, but the message is simple:  These are the best Fangs™ yet. We hope you enjoy them!

If you have any issues post-purchase, please don't hesitate to contact us for help!

Please note that Fangs™ 3.0 is currently only a front bumper for XR and Plus.

Fangs™ 3.0 Feature Points:

  • Available in 8 vibrant colors that match stock XR® bumpers.
  • Fits on XR® and Plus® versions of full size Onewheels.
  • New 37x20mm durable urethane wheels in 5 colors.
  • Simplified wheel install uses no washers
  • Stainless steel bearings and aluminum spacers for rust-free, smooth rolls.
  • Overmolded CNC aluminum inserts anchor the wheels in place.
  • Custom CNC stainless steel inserts that will not pull out or turn.
  • Ultra-Slick, low-friction plastic for slides or curb nudges (no need for plastic plates). Retain your front ground clearance - and actually improve it vs. a standard XR® bumper.
  • Streamlined design presents no sharp edges that can catch on terrain. The shape is comprised of compound curves with smooth, flowing lines.
  • No lights are blocked as with other bumpers.
  • Screw heads are deep-set into the plastic to protect them.
  • Keeps an OEM look to your board.
  • Weighs no more than the stock bumper

A 1/8" ball-hex L-key is included with every order.  Fangs 3.0 now uses one size hex drive size (1/8") for all of the screws and the stainless steel axle.

Fangs™ 3.0 is the best version of Fangs™ yet. Get yours today!

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All Fangs™ come with a 1-year warranty and a guarantee. If any issues arise during use, we'll replace it!   Just contact us if you ever have an issue.

FANGS™ are an experimental product, and no guarantees are offered in terms of saving a rider from all nosedives. However, they have been proven to work time and again by many riders. The only way to prevent nosedives is to not accelerate too hard for a given speed (and battery level)  – thus, no product can "prevent" a nosedive. Gradual speed increases will result in less nosedive events, as will riding at moderate speeds. By practicing deliberate nose dives with Fangs 3.0 (aka Fang Drags), you can train yourself using "muscle-memory" to realize when it's occurred (often it happens very fast), and react accordingly. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 237 reviews
Logan (Lansing, US)
These are great!

Should be standard equipment imo. They’re no substitute for learning how to ride but man, when your nose hits this makes it sooooo much easier to recover. They hit maybe twice on a trail ride and once a week on pavement. I can recover from hits that would have sent me flying otherwise. Would definitely buy again 🤙🏻

Harry Vandoloski (Hadley, US)

Great product. I installed them on my two onewheel XR s . On both, I found the holes were maybe a millimeter (or less) off of the original equipment which required very little drilling in a mounting hole. The battery and a frame angle on the right side (both my units) were not perfectly lined up. Good enough for the bolt to go through on the original but just enough to prevent the bolt fitting straight through after going through the new fangs bumper. A few careful seconds drilling the edge of the mounting hole in the battery and everything was perfect. I don't know if all onewheels had this slight issue or just mine but it was easy to remedy and I am glad to give the fangs 3.0 a 5 star rating.

kevin lincks (North Bergen, US)
Better that stock

Took my second nose dive and wanted something to help prevent a sudden stop and face plant!
Fangs sure Beats the sudden stop and helps give that needed second to adjust for a bail or a save.
Would recommend Fangs to any rider!

Josh (Santa Clara, US)
Fangs 3.0 - Must Have!

Experiencing the dreaded Onewheel nose dive is not fun at all. After I took a dive, I have been a bit nervous on my Onewheel. After minimal research, I initially didn't find any solutions since I may not have used the right search phrases. After talking with a buddy, and mentioning I wish they made some type of wheels for the front of the Onewheel, he mentioned the word "fangs". This led me to the Fangs 3.0.
The product seems well built and provides me with the extra safety/security I needed to get some confidence back again. The Fangs' 3.0 wheel profile is low enough to not hinder the Onewheel's appearance but high enough to maintain its functionality. Installation was a piece of cake! Everything needed for installation came with the product. Personally, I think every Onewheel owner should have one of these bad boys equipped. A must have! I liked it so much, I also ordered the Pint version for my other Onewheel as well.
As far as a review on Land Surf as a company, my experience was excellent with ultrafast communication and shipping. Well done Land Surf!
One recommendation for Land Surf would be to write a small article on Onewheel safety and use it to target all potential SEO phrases that people may search so this product can be found quicker!

Arnold Vegter (Spruce Grove, CA)


Paul Hinkelman (Detroit, US)
Fangs 3.0

Great product,quality is top notch with great shipping.
Just purchased my first 1wheel approximately 4weeks ago and just bought my second 2 days ago and getting ready to order another setup for this one. Great customer service.