XCELL™ Turbine™ Series 6542 Brushless Motor ( Hypertrucks Fit )

XCELL Performance

We are proud to introduce our first powerhouse motor, called the Turbine™ series, for unleashing the true potential of your Lacroix® Lonestar® or Nazare®. The current 12s Lacroix boards have plenty of power in their batteries, and few riders have the potential to max them out. These motors turn that potential energy into accessible, smooth acceleration and torque that feels incredible to ride. And the pitch of the motors as they wind up ( a "turbine" sound ) gets to be addicting!

With these motors, an 18T pinion feels like a 16T. There are gobs of usable torque.

NOTE: For the upcoming higher-voltage boards, we are offering 18s (75v) winds for the ultimate in efficient power. 

User-accessible, quad-bearing supported shaft means more time between maintenance intervals. It's now much easier to inspect, clean, or replace the bearings in your motor (the one part that does "wear out" eventually). The high-quality Japanese bearings are ultra-smooth and reliable.

These motors feature a closed-off design to minimize dust and dirt ingress (pending thermal tests will confirm). With the massive heat sink of the Hypertrucks, thermal issues should not be an issue for most climates. (However, in testing before launch, if thermal issues are found, cooling holes may be added).

  • 4KW Continuous, 8KW peak for massive power
  • 22 poles
  • Custom 10mm high carbon, hardened stainless steel shaft.
  • 180C Rated magnets and stator wiring.
  • 12 gauge, 14" motor leads with choice of bullet connector sizing
  • 120 Amp max continuous
  • User-accessible, quad-bearing supported shaft
  • 12s-15s or 16s-18s versions ( 183Kv or 127Kv)
  • Hall sensors and temp probe for FOC operation - plug and play into Stormcore®, Unity®, and other VESC brands.
  • Choicee of black, red, or blue wire sheathing
  • Full pdf install manual with pictures and VESC settings
Dimensions:  77mm in diameter, and 75mm long (not counting the shaft).
Weight: 1040g.

M4, square mounting pattern in typical 63-series motor size.

A beautiful red anodized rotor with a laser-etched XCELL™ logo on the end complete this awesomely powerful package.

Turbine™ Series 6542 Motors are sold individually.
Estimated arrival:  Now early Feb.

Customer Reviews

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Absolute Best Motor on the Market!

I have been using a beta version of this motor since September 2020 and it completely changed my riding experience. They are incredibly smooth yet intoxicatingly powerful... its the best of both worlds. They also have an addictive turbine sounds after you around 30km/h which is hard to describe... they definitely turn heads in a group ride!
I have used them with both Unity and Stormcore 100D without issues...