Fang™ Minis - Replacement hardware packs

Land-Surf, LLC.

If you lose a wheel, or a square nut, or something else, here are various replacement part kits.

Make sure when ordering to buy the right kit for your Minis...Nylon minis have different washers than the CNC Aluminum Minis. There are different configurations depending on what you need!

If you need a new mount or mounting screw instead, please email us for warranty replacement.

Tip:  Try locktite on the square keeps the nut from coming loose on rough terrain.

Customer Reviews

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Clint Cleavers (Danville, US)
Just what I needed

I have the fang mini version 1. Wish I would have waited until this new version came out. Now the chance of loosing your hardware is almost 0. Oh well. The fangs work good, and have kept me from getting pitted a few times now. Now that I use some locktite, I probably won’t loose my hardware and wheel again.

Kristian Dixon (Denver, US)
Include some loctite - otherwise great

Nice hardware kit as expected from Land Surf. Would be even better if they included a tube of loctite (threadlocker) to prevent future fangs from falling out. Thanks!

Corey LaBissoniere
Way damn cool

In the first weeks of having these on, saved my ass several times! Wonderful products. Great job!!