Fangs Coaster, a protective skid plate for all Pints - NEW!

Land-Surf, LLC.

Presenting the Fangs™ for Pint® "Coaster"™.

A tough and durable polycarbonate (think bulletproof glass) plate that fits perfectly over your Fangs for Pint or Pint X!   At only 7mm thick, it still gives you more clearance over the stock Pint X bumper.

Protect your Pint rails and the underside of your board with a Coaster – the fit is perfect and locks into place. Also works with a stock first-generation Pint, even if there isn't a Fangs™ bumper installed. Does not work with a Pint X stock bumper - because this is meant to sit flush on the rails.

Choose a matching color or a contrasting one!  Note that the Coaster™ colors match Fangs bumper colors as well as stock Pint colors.

Includes correct length Torx screws (45mm).

Customer Reviews

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Troy H (Burke, US)
Killer deal. Work great.

Can’t even tell they’re blems. Cleaned the surfaces and clamped for 36 hours. So far so good and doing their job!

Bao Le (Portland, US)
Great Extra Protection

Great product. Easy to install

Anthony Toney (Forest Park, US)
Already Reviewed

Already Reviewed this.

A.T. (Chicago, US)
Should of brought last year

This is exactly what I need for the board on the front. I order TFL'S float plates first for the Pint X to try em out and they were not good, they don't sit flesh against the board and they bulge out to much. They only love the XR, Pint X owners have to suffer or really shop around like I should of done the first time. All and all super happy with this purchase.

Jesse C.
Great fit and protection

Protects the underside of my Pint X rails without adding as much bulk as the stick skid plate.

James Dunifer (Crown Point, US)
Fits great for Slides and protection. Easy Install, can't complain.

Fit on my Pint X perfectly in minutes. Been doing a good job of giving me more slide and protection. Like the blue.