Contour Fender for XR / Plus Onewheels

Land-Surf, LLC.

The results are in...and the Contour™ has taken the #1 top spot in the fender shootout, among 9 fenders in Shredd Lab's review.

Consistently rated as the top fender for Onewheel XRs, the Contour is as tough as it is beautiful!

Made from a super-tough Nylon called Dupont Zytel® ST 801, this patented fender is unlike any other on the market. It's extremely tough, yet flexible, and this gives the Contour™ incredible shock absorbing qualities. 

The Contour™ fender has some flex from the Nylon that prevents it from breaking.  It's 4mm thick (other fenders are 2mm thick or less) and has an amazing feel. Once you pick up the Contour™ and feel the quality, you won't be able to go back to regular plastic or carbon fenders.

Each fender includes 4 stainless steel, #10-32, black-oxide coated screws and the necessary allen-key for installation. These screws will not rust, and offer a flush-fit installation.

The Contour™ fender has a lifetime full-replacement-guarantee against breaks.  If it breaks from normal use, you get a brand new one (you pay the shipping fee). It's that simple. After two years we’ve never had to replace a single fender!

What about magnetic-mounts?
We decided against magnetic mounts, in favor of thumb screws in Black Titanium or Silver Titanium. With these screws, you have tool-less install and removal in less than 30 seconds.  The Ti screws are custom-made by Land-Surf for the Contour™ fender and are Grade 5 Titanium.  Magnets simply are not as strong, and attract the iron in the dirt.

Get 4 top quality thumbscrews for $15 (save $5) when you purchase the fender, and make sure to specify Titanium Black Electroplate or Titanium Silver.

You can also use your own just need #10-32, 3/4” ones if you’d like to source your own.

Note: These are included in addition to the 4 black stainless screws included standard. You can change them out at will!

What tires will fit with the Contour™?
Generally any tire that you can fit on the stock Onewheel® will work with the Contour™ fender. The arch of the fender on the inside surface is wider than the stock footpads and battery / controller box, so if the tire fits on your Onewheel®, the Contour™ will also fit without issue.

Onewheel®, XR®, Onewheel Plus® are registered trademarks of Future Motion, Inc.  Not affiliated with Future Motion, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Matt K from CT (Hartford, US)
Excellent fender, much better than FM in quality and appearance

I have two XR boards, and both have Contour fenders on them. The quality and durability of the material is much better than the FM fender. Highly recommend the Land-Surf fender.

luigi (Milan, IT)
The best fender

The best fender for onewheel

Mark Vorster (Edmonton, CA)

Quality product. Strong and flexible material and compliments the board very nicely. Hope something similar is made for the GT eventually

Jason Davis (Canfield, US)
Still the best looking.

Picked up a used back-up XR and with it another contour. It just looks way less awkward than any of the other FULL fenders out there. I can’t stand when the fender bulges out weird or just doesn’t fit the wheel. The contour is truly the only fender that looks like it was actually made FOR the OneWheel— including the “OEM” fenders. It’s, like, $30 too expensive but so is every damn AM and OEM component for the OW so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . This one still looks the best.

Joe Aguis (Poughkeepsie, US)
Looks sooo good!

I love the design of this fender! Coupled with the titanium thumb screws? Match made in heaven. I love being able to take off the fender by hand. I didn’t like the magnetic fenders in general so this is perfect. HOME RUN! Just waiting for the platysense front pad to complete the look I want, let’s go landsurf!

Mark Steel (Calgary, CA)

I ,had the split fender dirt got caught under you needed spacers and it didnt fit right, magnetic fender rattled 100$ fender from future motion broke the carbon fibre one I had on my pint kinda ugly the contour is the perfect name for it cause it follows the contour of the wheel perfect .the last fender I have to buy very clean looking fits perfect!!if your reading this buy it keeps your footpads clean and your pants and it makes your one wheel even more quiet.came with 2 charge port covers that are easier to take off the one I had I had to use pliers to remove for every charge.