XCELL RS V2 eSkate Tires 165mm x 62mm - SALE!

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First, XCELL™ led the e-skate industry with the most innovative and beautiful aluminum alloy wheels, and now we are again shaking up the segment with the perfect tire for XCELL™ XT series wheels. At 165mm (6.5") in diameter, and 62mm wide, these flat-top RS-series tires will set a new benchmark for performance e-skate rubber.

Featuring a lower-profile, flat-top design with fantastic grip, long tread life, and superior radial balance, these tires usher in an improved ride experience on your favorite board.

The tire composition is a natural rubber, just like a real car or motorcycle tire, and not synthetic rubber, or plastic blends like many inexpensive eskate tires on the market. Steel and nylon radial cords keep the flat shape intact when inflated, and the radial weight balance is excellent. 

These tires grip best around 32 psi, and should last at least 1k miles of hard riding. They have a semi-stiff sidewall and can even act as "run flats" in an emergency. These tires are a softer compound  than previous versions of the RS tires, for fantastic grip!

Think of this as a “max grip summer tire” like a Pirelli Corsa - a street legal race tire with max grip, but not something for wet environments.  This is essentially like a race slick tire with a few small cutouts for treads. It is not so much for wet pavement or offroad. Keep it on dry, paved surfaces and you’ll be much happier.


  • These tires fit XCELL™ XT series of wheels (or other wheels of similar size on the market, 106mm x 53mm). Standard-width XCELL wheels can work, it just requires a specific installation method. Any other brand of wheel is not guaranteed to fit, so please check the wheel size before ordering.
  • You can use a bit of silicone grease (such as the brand "Super Lube" available on amazon) and rub it all along the tire bead on both sides before installation, to make the tire fit all the way onto the rim and prevent distortion (optional).
  • Get the custom tubes made for these tires if you don't have a set already - otherwise, you can use a 150mm x 50mm tube. But we recommend the tubes made for the RS tires.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Bob (Albany, US)
Best tires in the game

I’ve tried just about every pneumatic tire on my Lonestar. This board sees a ton of carving. Most tires don’t last more than a couple of months before I see threads. While I haven’t burned through the RS tires yet, they offer the best carving performance and road feel. They are definitely stiffer in the sidewall and ride somewhat like a urethane wheel. They are so much better than the traditional “scooter” type tires, that they’re the only tire I’d now consider.

Please do not stop making this tire!

Sergei s (Minneapolis, US)
Great tires

80 miles in and there is still a seam like. Will probably last a very long time

Awsome good quality tire ever

It goes super awsome! Perfect riding experience! Highly recommend to who need stable and balanced ride

Chris b (Brisbane, AU)
Best pneumatic on the market

These tyres are next level quality. Hang on a lot harder than my previous go to, the meepo cyclones. Run super true and international shipping is insanely quick.

Super happy with my purchase, cheers Matt 👍

Esk8Sean (Mobile, US)
Great set of tires Nyx Z1

Really happy with this purchase. These seem very durable, have great grip on hard surfaces. My go to street tire. 🤙

Andrew F. (Redditch, GB)
Exactly what Matt said

These are the stickiest grippiest tires, ive ever had the pleasure of riding theyre that good im gonna buy a second set