Fangs™ V2 Bumper Wheels for Pint® PREORDER

Land-Surf, LLC.

Authentic FANGS™ are back with a new V2 design that fits your Pint® perfectly!

The same size wheels, axles, and screw lengths will work for the V2 as the V1.

NOW we are offering colors to match the stock bumper colors that come from Future Motion. This allows you to keep your color scheme intact!

With twin ball bearings on each wheel, custom urethane wheels, and Titanium axles, the V2 Pint Bumper is ready for all of your adventures. Keep your turning clearance and hill-climb angle intact with it's sleek design, and gain a usable handle at the front of the board.

Preorder now for $10 off the list price, through Friday, December 4th!

Get yours while they last!  Shipping in Mid to Late December!  Delivery by Christmas is the goal but is not guaranteed!