Fangs™ V2 Bumper Wheels for Pint®

Land-Surf, LLC.

Authentic FANGS™ are back with a new V2 design that fits your Pint® perfectly! This 5th-generation of Fangs™ bumper wheels is the latest available. 

The same size wheels, axles, and screw lengths will work for the V2 and V1.

We're now offering classic colors to match the stock Pint® bumper colors. This allows you to keep your color scheme intact!

With twin stainless steel ball bearings on each wheel, custom-designed urethane wheels and Titanium (6Al4V) axles, the Fangs™ Bumper V2 is ready for all of your adventures. Keep your turning clearance and hill-climb angle intact with it's sleek design, and gain a usable handle at the front of the board as a bonus! 

EU riders!  Grab these on your side of the pond:



Nothing else on the market compares with the fit and finish of authentic Fangs™. Insist on only real Fangs™ for your board and accept no substitutes!

FANGS™ are an experimental product, and no guarantees are offered in terms of saving a rider from all nosedives. However, they have been proven to work time and again by many riders. These stories are in the open Facebook Onewheel rider groups (and we're starting to post them in the reviews here) and customers are always emailing in their stories (and it’s great to hear, keep them coming!)

The only way to prevent nosedives is to not accelerate too hard for a given speed – thus, no product can "prevent" a nosedive. Gradual speed increases will result in less nosedive events, as will riding at moderate speeds. FANGS™ take practice and skill to use effectively. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Safe, Fun, and Easy to Install.

I have had my Onewheel Pint for almost a year and have gained a certain level of comfort riding around despite falling a lot. I thought I would give the mini's a try and I got them installed in about 15min. After testing the limit to see if they would work I can say I am glad to have them as they work exactly as intended.


haven’t nose dived yet but it’s good to have confidence that i will be fine

These things work!

I took the inevitable nosedive and had to get confidence back after. Fangs are my secret weapon and they definitely work, even if it just buys you a fraction of a second!

Awesome product

Easy installation and look clean.

Saved my ass already

Works great for tight turns and nose dives