STEALTH™ Handle for all Onewheels

Land-Surf, LLC.

Introducing STEALTH™, the latest Onewheel handle design from your friends at Land-Surf, LLC!  Featuring a low-profile design that tucks away when riding, and expands and locks when you tug on the center strap. It's because of this dual-feature design and low profile that we named it STEALTH™ (and also the Carbon Fiber infused Nylon mounts - it absorbs radar waves, making you invisible!....No, not really). It's there when you need it, and stows away when you don't.


The handle when retracted is only about 3/4" wider than the rail (please see the top-down pictures). When pulled, the strap lengthens to allow for a comfortable grip without your knuckles hitting the metal rail. 

The STEALTH handle features Carbon Fiber infused Nylon for the mounts on either side of a durable, comfortable TPU center strap. Two M5 steel alloy bolts connect each of the mounts securely to the rails – a perfect fit with no slop. The center strap is connected via another M5 bolt on either side.

The center strap can be changed out in 30 seconds to another color or profile shape. And it's available in two styles (with finger ridges or one solid ridge) and many colors. NOTE: if you don't specify which profile you want, you will receive the "solid" (ie, no finger cutouts) profile.

Screws all come blacked out now as default.

Like our Bone™ Flex handle, this simple mounting method does not harm the frame of the Onewheel, or damage it in any way. No holes are drilled and installation takes less than 5 minutes. And it's just as fast to remove if necessary.

Sidekicks Users!  To install, the top and bottom Sidekicks pieces must be trimmed into 3 pieces and then placed between the mounts (the longer mounts only clear the depth of the frame + sidekicks, not the top and bottom if installed).

This handle is backed by a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. If something breaks, let us know and we'll make it right. 

SHIPPING: These handles are printed on-demand and usually ship within a week of ordering due to high demand.

Installation instructions are here.