RANGER™ Locking Battery Mount (for XLR Port or Vampire Connection)

Land-Surf, LLC.

Onewheel+ and V1 owners just got a whole lot less range-anxious. Now for CNR / PNR / VNR (Charge and Ride / Plug N Ride / Vampire Mode) setups - keep your warranty intact.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PLUS IS VERSION 3206 OR OLDER. VERSION 3208 OR HIGHER DOES NOT WORK for connecting via the XLR port!  If your hardware is 3208 or newer, you can use the VNR "Vampire" method of connecting to the battery instead.  Simply select the type of connection you'd like in the dropdown.

Alternatively, please see the parallel version of the Ranger, which connects in the battery box and is the best overall connection method. You can check your board's version in the Onewheel app in the "settings" tab.


Check out the latest review of the Ranger on YouTube!

That's because with the new Ranger™ Locking Battery Mount from Land-Surf.com, you can use commonly available, ultra-reliable, and relatively safe EGO® brand power tool batteries to now supplement the battery in your Onewheel+. These batteries, along with the EGO rapid charger, will open up a world of new locations you can now reach on your board. This upgrade works on V1 and Plus models only...XR is not supported.

While poor copies of this system are made by some other vendors (some using velcro straps and cables of dubious quality), no other mount system matches the quality, strength, and reliability of the Land-Surf Ranger™. 

  • With a 2.5AH EGO battery, you double the range you get from the internal battery on the Onewheel+.  It weighs nearly 3lbs.
  • With a 5AH EGO battery, you triple the range you get from the internal battery on the Onewheel+.  It weighs 5lbs.
  • If you put a 7.5AH EGO battery on this mount in a backpack and run the cable down to your Onewheel+ (as is done on a CnR setup), you can potentially get 4x your normal range.  Weighs around 6.5 lbs.

You cannot use any other battery with this system. Please do not try. The EGO batteries are the safest and most proven technology, and include over temp and over charge features to prevent major issues. The voltage matches almost exactly with the internal battery on the Onewheel+. The company that makes EGO products probably spent more on developing this battery technology than Future Motion has made. It's extremely well made, has protective plastic and rubber to prevent damage, and is widely available. And it has it's own 3-year warranty!  You may already own some of the tools...we do, and they are incredible.



What happens in the app?
CNR / PNR functions by charging the battery while you ride, tricking the board into doing it's "regen" function. You get similar range to the normal parallel Ranger™ kit, but this cable plugs into your XLR charging port using a very low profile connector we just developed!  It's the best on the market, bar none.

What about my warranty?
This setup, when used as PNR / CNR, does not void your warranty like the standard RANGER kit does, because you don't open the battery compartment...you are simply running a cable to the XLR port that the board charges with. The board thinks it's just getting a charge.

Is there anything different in mounting the RANGER™?
Yes, you will want to install the mount so that the cable exits the RANGER™ on the same side as the XLR port, for easier run of the cable. So flip it left/right from what you see in the instructions.

Anything else we should know?

Make sure your Plus is hardware version 3206 or lower. Version 3208 will not work with the XLR cable. Instead, use the Ranger Parallel version if you have hardware 3208 or higher.  You can find this info out by going to "settings" in your Onewheel app.   All V1's made will work with either XLR or parallel versions, so if you have a V1, you're all set!

And as part of the "Open Range" program that this product enables, we are not only making it ourselves, but we also are offering the .stl file (the mount model) on thingiverse.com, as well as templates and instructions for how to make your own:  https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2949738

This is our gift to the Onewheel community. If you have a 3d printer and can solder like a champ, you can make your own. If you'd rather just buy one for plug-and-play, we have those for you here!  The links for this info will be available shortly and posted here and on Facebook forums.

NOTE: WE DO NOT SELL THE EGO batteries or the rapid charger. You need to buy these on your own from Amazon, eBay, or Home Depot. If you buy your battery from an authorized reseller you will get the warranty for the battery. Buying on eBay does not usually come with a warranty.

Included in the Ranger™ PNR / CNR / VNR kit :
  • Urethane 3d-Printed Battery Mount with protective terminals cap. An indestructible rubber-type mount that will never break.
  • Laser cut, stainless steel terminals and high quality 12 and 14 gauge copper wire. The best interface to squeeze every last drop of power from the EGO batteries efficiently.
  • Stainless Steel mounting screws and special aluminum low-profile nuts. No rust or corrosion even in wet environments.
  • Low-profile XLR connector and 16" lead wires. Can handle much higher currents than the low-fi "inserts" other vendor's cables use.
  • Silicone cap for XT60 connector.
  • Printed color installation instructions with photo annotations.
  • Peace of mind knowing you can go 2x to 3x your normal range!