Pint XR Charge Adapter & Plugs

Land-Surf, LLC.

If you own a Pint and an XR, or even an XR charger, now you can take advantage of the XR's much faster charge rate.

The standard Pint charger will charge the Pint in a little over two hours...sometimes longer.  But by using an XR charger and this Land-Surf XR adapter, which many Pint families already own, you can charge your Pint from zero to 100% in 50 minutes flat!  We've timed it and it really is that fast.  In fact it's 2.3x faster on average.

Stock Pint charger:  1.3 amps
Stock XR charger:    3 amps   <--- here's the reason for the fast charge.

"Ultra" Charger for Pint: 3 amps (and $110).

Say goodbye to slow charging, or to buying the $110 "Ultracharger" for the Pint (which is really just an XR charger with a different plug on the end).

There's not much to it...simply plug the adapter onto to your XR charger, and then plug it into your Pint for a super-quick charge.

Note:  Don't use the XR Hypercharger on the Pint. It puts out too many amps and can damage your Pint or make the battery overheat.

As a special bonus, get a pair of Pint charge port plugs included for $4 more.  Plugs are currently available in Red, Black, Orange, Gray, Green, and White.  If you don't want a random plug color, make sure to specify the color you want in the "notes to seller" box during checkout.