Fangs™ Bumper for Pint

Land-Surf, LLC.

Please note that Dark Gray bumpers are currently out of stock until August 10th. Other colors are still in stock!

UPDATE: Check out the just-dropped video review from Onewheel OG Chris Richardson!

And now live, a video on how to install it!

Introducing Fangs™ for Pint. The only bumper wheels that compliment the aesthetics of the Pint. The 32mm wheels are discreet and stay out of the way during sharp turns, and yet still provide as much clearance over the pavement as full size Fangs™.

The main features include:

  • A built-in, usable handle at the nose
  • Custom Titanium Grade-5 axles
  • Custom urethane wheels
  • Dual ball bearings on each wheel
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Sleek design aesthetic
  • Does not block any headlights

There are no sharp edges to be found on the outside of the Fang™ bumper – this prevents the bumper from catching on any pavement lips or cracks on the ground you're traveling over.  And it won't snag while riding on dirt trails or grass.

Precisely designed to fit the Pint, installation takes only a few minutes and is a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock bumper. We even added the first usable front handle on a Pint that actually works and doesn't ruin the look of the board. 

While you're at it, why not pick up some sweet Titanium thumbscrews for your Pint fender or fender delete?  We have them in gold, black, and silver!

Trust your ride to Land-Surf and FANGS™.

FANGS™ for Pint are an experimental product, and no guarantees are offered in terms of saving a rider from nosedives. The only way to prevent nosedives is to not accelerate too hard for a given speed – thus, no product can "prevent" a nosedive. You don't expect to be a skilled rider the first day you get a Pint – and in the same way, Fangs™ require practice to be able to use correctly.  Give yourself time to learn how the board operates, and take it slowly. Do not rely on Fangs™ to rescue you from irresponsible or unsafe riding. 

Gradual speed increases, keeping your weight over the center of the board, and moderate acceleration and speed will result in fewer nosedive events.