Land-Surf, LLC.

The Lacroix board is too beautiful to allow for garage or in-house damage. The motor mounts can unfortunately get scuffed up easily from either standing it on the end or even when picking up the nose of the board too high.

These soft TPU bumpers fit on the mounts without glue or tape...and simply grip both sides of the mount and “key” into the recess. The thickness of the pad varies from about 1mm at the open edges of the curve, to 3mm in the middle. It has a nice amount of cushion while not too soft, and offers a no-slip surface if you're standing the board against a wall.

Some designs we also offer for free to the community, and this is one of them! If you have a 3d printer, you can download for free and print your own:

Printing specs are available at the link above as well.

Price is for a pair of bumpers.