Lacroix Bearing Spacers (4) for MBS Wheels

Land-Surf, LLC.

These bearing spacers for the Lacroix skateboard with the stock MBS wheels will allow you to tighten the nut without fear of damaging the bearing itself, which will eventually result in bearing failure (hopefully not at high speed!).

There are four spacers included in the kit. They are each 23mm long.

How to install:

Put the bearing spacer between the bearings in each wheel, then mount the wheels. Tighten down until the bearings BOTH seat flush with the wheel. This ends up crushing the plastic bearing spacer a bit, for a perfect fit. If you removed the spacer after fully tightening, you will see it gets crushed a bit to a length of around 22.7mm or so (+= .2mm).

NOTE: If the wheel can be moved in/out along the axle, and you see the wheel slide on the bearings (ie, they go in and out of their pocket a bit), and this means it's not tight enough yet. There will be no play once the nut is tightened correctly.

Make sure the wheel still spins freely. IF it does not, you've done something wrong.

Have a well-calibrated 3d printer?  You can print your own of these for free!  Get the .stl file here: