Hammerhead Remote Enclosure for Nano V2 remotes - Lacroix and Kaly

Land-Surf, LLC.

Lacroix and Kaly NYC boards are essentially hand-made "art", so why leave the remote control unfinished and generic? The only compliment to a hand-assembled board is a hand-finished remote, and now you can have one in any of our available colors. Stop making excuses to your friends about the NanoV2 remote and get something they'll be envious of instead!

The Hammerhead™ is not a mass-market item and only a few people in the world will be lucky enough to own one. 

It also features a 100% money back guarantee. Don't love it? Send it back for a full refund (sans shipping charges).

The enclosure is 3d printed in Nylon on a very high end machine. It features an ergonomic shell with the reliable electronics of a Nano V2 remote inside. While the body is 3d printed, the assembly and finishing of the Hammerhead™ is by hand and each one is a bespoke remote for a lucky individual. 3 coats of enamel paint, followed by a few coats of clear enamel, finish out this bespoke item.

Transform your world with a trigger-style throttle control – using the electronics of the reliable Nano V2. Tried and true, it's battle-tested and solid...yet the cheap-feeling plastic enclosure leaves a lot to be desired. Remember that command you give to the motors runs through the remote – it's therefore important that it operates in an intuitive, ergonomic way, and be utterly reliable and second nature.

The Hammerhead™ will change the way you think about the interface between you and your board. Welcome to buttery-smooth throttle control. 

 Hammerhead™ Remote Enclosure Features:

  1. Fully recessed switches and USB port...no accidental shutoffs.
  2. Unused buttons have no presence (reverse button, "expansion button" etc).
  3. Longer lever arm on the trigger control allows for finer granularity of throttle control. It's much easier to adjust speed by a small fraction.
  4. SLS (selective laser sintering) 3d print material (Nylon 12) is a tough outdoor plastic. 3mm-thick walls make for a very durable remote body (original Nano V2 is 1mm thick). 
  5. USB port on the Nano V2 PCB is reinforced with aerospace epoxy.
  6. Easy to attach, strong lanyard support. Install or remove in 5 seconds.
  7. A rounded, "hammerhead-style" top where you can rest your thumb for even greater control and ease of the trigger. The result is smoother throttle control and an easier time holding a set speed, and eliminates any hand-cramps.
  8. Stainless steel screws for prevention of rust and corrosion.
  9. Durable clear enamel clear topcoat for color longevity.


Each Hammerhead is custom made to order and includes brand new Nano V2 internal electronics. Also included with your order is the original Nano V2 case, receiver, charge cable, and lanyard. Once received, you simply turn on the remote, do the throttle calibration, and ride away...no extra steps such as binding the remote or changing out receivers, and no reason to open the battery tray of the board.

Available colors:  Flat black only.

Trigger colors:  Red, white, black, light blue, dark blue, yellow, gray

Please mention trigger color preference when checking out in the "notes to seller" box. 

Since this is a made-to-order, custom item, please allow for approximately 1 week production time.