Land-Surf, LLC.

FANGS™ 2.1 are discontinued, and are being replaced by the new and much more capable FANGS 3.0. 

Spare parts are still available and will be for some time.

Note that these will work on Onewheel+ and XR models.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Mike James (Kingsport, US)
Security fangs!

Just that little extra to feel comfortable pushing my board! Have seen a few friends grind their front ends and getting some road rash. These are solid and easy to install! Like the low profile of these as well! Great purchase!

Obrien Joe (Milford, US)

Still have not used them the square nuts they gave me are to small to fit the bolts they gave me I texted them a week ago and still have not heard back

Crimson Ghost (Philadelphia, US)
Great insurance

Nose dives happen, they happen to all of us. Respect the pushback but eventually you’ll have a nose dive. Having a set of fangs won’t eliminate them, but it lets you ride it out and take back control. Amazing quality and simple installation. Grab a set today and be ready to send it!!

Luke Billings (Portland, US)
2.1 fang are a must have!

They are a life saver. I ride aggressive and pushed my xr into nosedive mode multiple times. These little baby's give that extra second to ether run off the board or ride out of the nosedive instead of taking a tumble. Also it's just fun to fang drag when taking off from a stand still.

Greg Kaski (North East, US)

These are must for Onewheels, especially if you ride to the limits! Since using fangs, I have been able to run out many mishaps and avoid bad falls. Awesome!

Jason Hasson (Seattle, US)
Fangs save bones!

These are one of the best mods for your Onewheel. Great for protection and also fun for all kinds of tricks if that’s what you’re into! Float Safe 🤙🏻