BONE™ Flex Handle for every OneWheel model

Land-Surf, LLC.

The Bone Flex™ handle is a super-tough, ergonomic design that allows you to carry your OneWheel with greater ease and comfort than any other product on the market. Please allow up to a week for production if your color is not in stock – and possibly longer at times due to demand.

Made of 3D-printed thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), these handles are built to take abuse and will likely outlive the OneWheel they are mounted too. The handle is flexible but strong, and absorbs impacts that may occur on the side of the board it's mounted to. Mount one on each side of your board for the ultimate protection! Not only is it flexible but it has incredible abrasion resistance – which means it will look great for years to come, if not forever.

Mounting is as simple as can be...5 minutes and the handle is on your board - no drilling and no warranty voided. The innovative design clamps onto the frame perfectly using four strong bolts, eliminating any slop.  See the notes below if you use rail protection, which does require some trimming.

All mounting hardware is stainless steel (no rusting), and the screws use the same size hex key as the rest of the OneWheel (a 3mm hex driver will work for nearly everything).

You can even fender-mount your Bone handle if you desire. Just use shorter bolts and some low-profile nuts on the inside of your fender. (We may offer an option for this nuts & bolts hardware later on.)

Note: These handles are not "mass-produced" and take 9 hours to print on our state-of-the-art 3d printers. Therefore, mass quantities are not available and there may be a short wait for the color you desire. Orders usually ship within a week. 

Rail protection Users!  Please specify if you are using Rail protection from FloatLife, EightToTen, or Future Motion. Special, longer mounts will be included. Add this info in the "notes to seller" area on checkout. To install, the top and bottom Sidekicks pieces must be trimmed into 3 pieces and then placed between the mounts (the longer mounts only clear the depth of the frame + sidekicks, not the top and bottom if installed).

Future Motion rail guards have a different thickness than the above. Please specify in the "Notes to seller" box that you are using FM rail guards, to receive the correct mounts.

Also, if you want to get the mounts in black, and the handle in another color, please mention that in the "notes to seller" section on checkout. This makes the handle appear smaller as the black mounts aren't as easily seen. Check out the photos here to see what that looks like.

Order yours today and get the highest quality, best handle available for your OneWheel.

1 Year warranty against defects from date of purchase - if something happens to your handle as a result of a manufacturing defect, you can get a replacement for just the cost of shipping ($8).