XCELL Fo' Shorties - Titanium Short Front Axles for Hypertrucks® (Pair)

XCELL Performance

Introducing Fo' Shorties™...short titanium axles for Lacroix® Hypertrucks®!

About 1" shorter than a stock axle and far lighter (166 grams steel vs 74 grams Ti), these shorter axles allow you to make tighter turns with less effort. How?

The narrower the wheels are, the smaller the circle it carves, and the tighter the board turns when at the same angle. On a boards like the Lacroix® Nazare® and Lonestar®, the wide front track makes the turn radius larger.  Since the front truck does most of the turning on this setup (due to it's increased rake), reducing just the front width makes a noticeable difference in turn radius and the ease at which you can take slower tight turns. Never again fear doing a u-turn in a narrow street.

It's great for pathways or crowded areas where you need more maneuverability to avoid people or objects. High speed stability is not affected. It simply feels like the board is more responsive.

Stock lights will fit using Tackform mounts and a washer on each side. If you buy these mounts also grab a few M4x12 countersunk (ie, flathead) screws because the one included with the Tackform is too large.

Made of Grade 5 Titanium, these fit perfectly into the Hypertruck® housing.

Sold in Pairs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ian (Omaha, US)
Get Shorty

Increased carvability and responsiveness with a solid fit and finish.

kevin scheper (San Francisco, US)
Fo shorties are Fosho the Bom!

The fo shorties are exactly what my lonestar needed! My board is so much more maneuverable now. I can make a decent u turn now, way better than before. Matt Hoover and the xcell products are the best add on for your lacroix!

Mark C (San Francisco, US)
Must have upgrade

Just want to say man the shorties are so f**kin awesome. Huge improvement on turning radius. I feel a lot more nimble at speed too. I took my board out for a pretty long ride yesterday and didn’t have to hop off to manually turn anywhere.