New Site Launched!

April 20, 2018 2 Comments

Hi Folks, and welcome to my new site!

At, you'll find products that enhance the safety, usability, and fun of OneWheel devices by Future Motion®.

I design and produce products in relatively low quantities, because many are hand made or hand-finished. I try to make products that solve issues I have with the boards – and if they work, I offer them to the world.

So far we have Bone Flex™ handles, and Fangs™ in both standard and "mini" sizes. More products to come in the future. I hope you enjoy them!

- Matt Hoover

Founder of

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Raphael Billion
Raphael Billion

July 20, 2018

Hello, I would like to buy a standard fangs and a bone flex handle, how to do?
i’m in FRANCE,
thank you


May 13, 2018

Great work! Thanks for what you do!

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