Land-Surf™ Fangs™ 2.0 Resume shipping on Oct 1st, 2018

Land-Surf™ Fangs™ 2.0 Resume shipping on Oct 1st, 2018

September 21, 2018

Fangs 2.0 for the next shipment are coming along. I received word from the manufacturer that they will be running the mounts next week. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, I have a long-planned mini-vacation set with my dad that I can't back out of, starting this Saturday the 22nd. Family is very important to me, and since I'm a one-person operation currently, the store will be open but no orders will ship the week of the 23rd, as I'll be gone.

I'll be back on October 1st and will start sending out orders then, in the order received. It will take a few days to get through the large backorder list, but I'll get to each and every one of your orders with care. 

Thus we have just a bit more than a week before shipping begins...and this time we'll be with a new manufacturer that can output mounts faster and at higher quality. These are the latest and best Fangs™ yet produced.

Oh....and everyone who ordered will receive a free XLR port plug (it's sweet!) as a bonus prize (shown above).

Thanks for understanding, my friends!

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