First Batch of FANGS™ 2.0 have shipped!

July 20, 2018

Thank you to all of our customers out there who ordered the new FANGS™ 2.0.  Today I sent out the last shipment of the first batch. Many of you ordered two pairs (or more!) and that's just incredible. Thanks for believing in the product and "riding your own ride" the chagrin of those who think to be tough you need to get roadrash or worse.

A side effect of people ordering multiple sets is that I ran out of stock more quickly than anticipated, and thus there is a slight lull for around 10 days while we wait for more inventory. If you haven't received a shipping notification for your order yet, this is why. But more are on the way!

The next batch of mounts and wheels are being made right now at two different facilities in the eastern US.  I'm expecting them to arrive the first week in August. Thanks for your patience...more cool products are yet to be announced.

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